Other Edible Eggs

In the states, when one says the word “egg” one thinks of chicken eggs. But if you’re bored of the same old thing and you want to try something new, there are plenty of others you can try:

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsBantam: These come from a small chicken breed. They taste pretty much the same, but are half the size. Their eggs can be white, brown, blue or green depending on the breed of bantam chicken.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsDuck: These eggs usually have an off white color. I like them because they have more luscious flavor. They are also higher in fat than your chicken eggs. I’ve noticed the yolks stand up higher than most chicken eggs. What else is cool? The albumen takes on a blue hue and the yolk becomes almost red when boiled.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsGoose: Geese lay eggs that are significantly bigger and more flavorful than chicken eggs. The whites are really viscous and silky.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsGuinea Fowl:  If you see an ivory colored egg that looks as if it has been sprayed with brown freckles; you’re probably dealing with Guinea Fowl. These have a more subtle flavor than chicken eggs.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsGull: These have brown spots of different intensities, are small and taste a bit more of fish. The flavor is unforgettable.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsOstrich: Simply huge. They are about 20 times the size of your chicken egg. The shells are incredibly thick and they taste quite a bit like chicken eggs.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsPartridge: These tiny little eggs come in various colors (olive, white, off white) and have a pleasant, mild flavor.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsQuail: These are pretty easy to find in Asian supermarkets. They are quite  small and have brown freckles on the shell. The flavor is quite powerful. I pop these in the sous vide machine at 146F for 20 for parties and serve them on Chinese soup spoons. They are quite a hit.

1x1.trans Other Edible EggsTurkey: Their brown shell holds an egg with a delicate and elegant flavor. These are larger than chicken eggs. These are really hard to come by, so if you see one I suggest you pick it up.

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