The Oster Bottle Opener: Never Break a Cork Again

oster wine opener The Oster Bottle Opener: Never Break a Cork AgainWe all want to have a good time, and it’s a fact that we all enjoy a nice glass of wine. After a hard day of work there are few things that are more enjoyable than a well deserved glass of Pinot Noir. But sometimes, this act of pleasure can come with a bit of hassle: opening the bottle.

I’m sure most of us have experienced the trouble of getting that stubborn cork out of the bottle. Sometimes it breaks and you end up with cork in your wine. Other times you have to battle with the cork to try to get it out. While there are many techniques that can be used to deal with this issue (like the backside of a knife, using a screw or getting a pair of pliers to do the job), the fact remains that it can spoil the fun. It can also be a bother for people with weak hands.

5187356840 823c151104 300x225 The Oster Bottle Opener: Never Break a Cork AgainThe perfect bottle opener should get the job easily done and fast. Wver since I began using the Oster Bottle Opener I’ve had no more battles with corks. The Oster Wine Opener is a nifty device which I found to be perfect for any social gathering. When the wine bottles are about to taken out, this device can easily and effortlessly remove even the most stubborn cork that seals the bottle. The packaging said that the opener can open thirty bottles in succession before it needs another charging, but I haven’t, so far, done anything close to that (if I did I think I may have a problem). Even so, the fact that I can spend more time with my guests instead of negotiating that tough bottle only shows just how great the product is.

5186588981 12830844a3 300x225 The Oster Bottle Opener: Never Break a Cork AgainThere are also a ton of other features that the Oster Bottle Opener has that makes it attractive to the home user. It can operate cordlessly, so you can do your bottle opening anywhere you are. It also features a foil cutter in case you have a wine bottle that has that extra protection. With its stainless-steel, ergonomic handle and contemporary design, you can do your bottle opening with a little flair.

So go ahead and give this a try. I’m sure that you will also not be disappointed with the Oster Bottle Opener.

1x1.trans The Oster Bottle Opener: Never Break a Cork Again

Marlon Mata

1x1.trans The Oster Bottle Opener: Never Break a Cork Again

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