Obama’s Home Brewed White House Honey Ale

1x1.trans Obamas Home Brewed White House Honey AleAccording to the Blog Of Record — Obama Foodorama — about White House food initiatives, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made culinary history when they served homebrewed White House Honey Ale.

The ale was made with a pound of honey from the White House Beehive, and served to guests at a 2011 Super Bowl party.

According to White House Curator Bill Allman, the Obamas are the first presidential couple to ever assign the task of homebrewing beer to their chef staff.

“We have no record of beer brewing at the White House,” Allman said. William Ushong, historian for the White House Historical Association, echoed Allman’s statement.

“I haven’t heard of any beer brewing going on at the White House itself,” Ushong said. “President Jefferson would be your likely candidate, given his epicurean taste.”

1x1.trans Obamas Home Brewed White House Honey AleWhite House chefs began home brewing beer in 2011 and have produced three kinds to date: White House Honey Ale, White House Honey Blonde Ale and White House Honey Porter.

President Obama showcased the White House home-brew at a fundraiser in Corona del Mar, California, claiming the beehive that supplies the honey is on White House grounds.

And according to Politico, Obama for America has been selling O’Bama pint glasses as a fundraiser — two for $25 — perhaps to try to woo members of the group Homebrewers for Obama, which backed his campaign in 2008.

“It is very safe to assume that there will be more White House beer in the future,” said Semonti Stephens, a spokesman for the East Wing.

For the Super Bowl party, “90 to 100″ 12-ounce bottles of the Honey Ale were served, Stephens said. There were no leftovers. A White House aide said the President and First Lady purchased the brewing equipment with their own funds.

According to Alan Talman of Karp’s Homebrew, a brewing supply shop in East Northport, New York, the Obamas could have a homebrewing set-up for as little as $60 dollars. A fancy rig would run between $200-$400 dollars.

Talman said the presidential beer was the subject of much discussion among visitors to his store, which is about a half hour outside New York City.

“Plenty of people have mentioned it to me, and people in the beer trade are passing the word around,” Talman said.

Besides the Superbowl, President Obama has had a couple of other high-profile beer events during his Administration — the Beer Summit in 2009, and a World Cup Beer Bet with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron.

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