NYC Express: Espresso bars for the New York coffee culture

1x1.trans NYC Express: Espresso bars for the New York coffee cultureThere’s more to coffee than those that come in designer cups and too sweet concoctions.  In fact, they say that a true coffee lover will take a small cup of that deep, dark bitter brew and do not even bother adding “fake” flavorings such as chocolate and vanilla.  Coffee is taken straight and strong, with a little sugar and with a drop of milk not with whipped cream and the latest signature sauce.

Although the contemporary American coffee culture has been attributed to the coffee shops that infested Seattle during the grunge years, New York continues to nurture its own.  Serious coffee lovers do not have coffee to get a caffeine fix, they actually enjoy its pure unadulterated taste acquired by merely a handful.  Now, the Big Apple takes a sip of real coffee goodness in the form of espressos, those served in demitasse cups that can be taken as a shot or savored for its lingering bitterness.

1x1.trans NYC Express: Espresso bars for the New York coffee cultureEspresso bars in New York City are not just your usual cafes.  Many of these shops — restaurants included — are now serving incredible brews.  Moreover, these cafes continue to provide urbanites a pocket of “escape” in the form of wi-fi, many electrical sockets, and surfaces for all your recreational and working needs.

Head to the West side and you will see the likes of Mojo Coffee, Grounded, Soy Luck Club, Irving Farm, Roasting Plant, Doma Cafe and Gallery, Sant Ambroeus, Birdbath, Batch, Jack’s and Mudtruck.  With brew choices originating from the Latin and South Americas, organic and free trade options, any coffee consumer can enjoy a cup of different coffee notes just by hopping from one cafe to the next.

1x1.trans NYC Express: Espresso bars for the New York coffee cultureMany shops, however, take coffee more seriously.  In addition to roasting their own beans on sight, they source different blends for their signature espresso base.  Head to Gimme! for its Leftist Espresso Blend with a hint of robusta and the Gold blend from Barrington Coffee which is served at Joe’s over at Waverly Place.  You can find Intelligentsia’s Black Cat at Kaffe 1668 on Greenwich Street, and Ninth Street Espresso serves a nice cup of Stumptown’s Hair Bender blend.

Just take a nice walk around the city and you will eventually encounter a great espresso experience.  Whether you want a bar that is almost Italian in vibe or something that is chic and urban with all the facilities for your gadgets, New York has it all — from the small cafes to the specialty restaurants that can surprisingly serve up your most memorable brew to date.


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