Netherland’s New Michelin Stars

Michelin Logo Netherland’s New Michelin StarsWay to go, Netherland!

And that would be the shout of every food connoisseur in that country. And why shouldn’t they? Perhaps you haven’t heard of it, but Michelin had just awarded several restaurants there the honor of being part of the Michelin Guide’s Netherlands 2011 list of restaurants to go.

degroenelantaarn Netherland’s New Michelin StarsThe Michelin star is one of the most coveted restaurant recognition in the world. Many chefs would actually be willing to fight for that. So serious are the chefs on this that failure to get one is a terrible experience. Even more so if you already have the star, but is stripped away from you. I knew I read in a report somewhere that a chef actually committed suicide when his restaurant lost the recognition.

Kasteelheemstede Netherland’s New Michelin StarsAs for the Dutch restaurants, there are several of them that have been announced to have won once star. The list is long but it include La Provence, in Driebergen-Rijsenburg; ML, in Haarlem; Kasteel Heemstede, in Houten; ’t Amsterdammertje, in Loenen aan de Vecht; De Burgemeester, in Montfoort in Linschoten; One, in Roermond; La Trinite, in Sluis; and De Groene Lantaarn, in Zuidwolde.

latrinite Netherland’s New Michelin StarsSadly, Apicius in Castricum, lost its second star. Georges also lost its Bib Gourmand recognition from the Michelin Guide. The Bib award means that the restaurant can serve a delicious meal for only $48. Getting that would mean that these will become venues to the tourists.

La Provence Netherland’s New Michelin StarsAs for now, there are two restaurants in the Netherlands who have earned its three stars, thirteen restaurants now have the honor of being two-starred, and eighty-three now have one star.

ML Netherland’s New Michelin StarsWell, what more can I say? I’m pretty proud at what these restaurants have achieved. I’m sure they worked hard just to reach that level. amsterdamee Netherland’s New Michelin Stars

1x1.trans Netherland’s New Michelin Stars

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1x1.trans Netherland’s New Michelin Stars

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