National Pretzels Day

pretzels1 National Pretzels DayThere are plenty of things in life to celebrate, and among these is food. This April 26, we should celebrate a special day in honor of beer’s best partner, soup’s trusty companion, and children’s favorite bread to dip in chocolate sauce – pretzels!

Like the usual food festivals, the origin of this occasion is not clear. What is clear is that pretzels are considered to be among the world’s oldest snacks. Way back in 610 AD, monks in Southern France have decided to put the ends of dough into a knot, sprinkle some salt, and use the resulting bread to teach children how to pray. It was also used to symbolize the Holy Trinity, marriage, and even friendship. No matter what meaning has been attached, the fact remains that pretzels are here to stay.

NatlPretzelDay National Pretzels DayModern pretzels come in all shapes and sizes. They can be straight or twisted, glazed or sprinkled, hard or soft, or it can also be flavored or plain salted. The possibilities are endless with this kind of pastry. Pretzels are also versatile finger food. Beer drinkers appreciate the salty tang of this bread as it goes along well with beer. Children like the fun shapes of pretzels as the dip in their favorite sauces. There are also those who enjoy eating them with their soup.

If you feel like making your own pretzels, then here are some cooking ideas that you can try: chocolate covered pretzels, soft pretzels, sugar cinnamon pretzels, and caramel pretzels. All these are definitely tasty treats and will no doubt make your afternoon snack fun.

1x1.trans National Pretzels Day

Marlon Mata

1x1.trans National Pretzels Day

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