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Rums belong to the alcoholic beverages category of drinks which might be a bit difficult for some people to handle, but it didn’t stop lots of men from having a glass of Rum with ice a few times a week. No longer just an alcohol cabinet display,  manufacturers make it a point that every sip is worth the price. With the amazing and attractive bottling techniques and the bottles, rums will certainly make you run for your money.1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money

Rum is often considered sugar cane wine as it is usually made from sugar cane extracts or from its by-products such as the molasses. It undergoes the process of fermentation and then distillation, after which they are left on oak barrels for the aging proper. There are lots of origins as to where the term “rum” came from and the origin has had many claimants over the years. According to some history books, fermented drinks were first made during the ancient times in China and India, and since then have been very popular across many nations. But it was in the Caribbean sugar cane plantation during the 17th century when the first distillation was made. It was then discovered that fermentation can be made with the molasses and resulted to an alcoholic beverage. Since then, they tried to get a perfect blend of taste through distillation, thus, the start of a true rum era.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the MoneyNow, many regions have been making their own brand of rum that would make many drinkers thirst. Popular types of rum are the light rum, the dark, and the golden rum. The dark and golden rums are often used directly for drinking, with or without ice. That would sound like a very hot flow on the throat. While the light rum, on the other hand, is usually made into different cocktail mixes, giving these drinks some good old rum kick down the throat.

Seems that the Westerns have a big heart and taste buds for these strong-willed rum drinks as many of the world’s best rum makers have from this region. Rum has become a part of many lives of people in Southern and Northern America and other neighboring countries. It has also reached an iconic stage as the popularity of rum drinks has doubled over the years. This proved to be evident in some of the biggest names in the rum industry, namely: Bacardi Rum in Hamilton, Bermuda; Havana Club, and Ron Zacapa from Guatemala.

5 Best Rums for the Money:

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money1. Barbancourt Reserve Speciale Price: $20-$36 – 750mL Aged for 8 years with an alcohol content of 43%.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money2. Kraken (Black Spiced Rum) Price: $20-$30 – 750mL Aged for 12-24 months with an alcohol content of 41%.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money3. Appleton Estate Extra (Minimum Aged) Price: $35 and above – 750mL Aged for 12 years with an alcohol content of 43%.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money4. Flor de Cana 21 Rum Centenario Price: $74.99 – 750mL Slow aged for 15 years with an alcohol content of 40%.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money5. Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum Price: $44.99 and above – 750mL 23-year-old rum with an alcohol content of 40%.

3 Most Expensive Rums:

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money$2,000 – Maximo Extra Anejo

The Maximo Extra Anejo is one of Havana Club’s best bottled rums with a perfect blend of well aged rums, made in a very premium finish. The secret to its strong and distinct flavor is its process of non-stop blending and the addition of distilled fresh sugar cane before aging. Labelling it as the “ultra-premium extra-aged rum,” the Maximo Extra Anejo is just as expensive as the process and the quality can be.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money$3,000 – British Royal Navy Imperial Rum

The British Navy kept it smooth sailing for hundreds of years with bottles of some good aged rum aboard. They have carefully reconstructed and kept the secret recipe from being public all these years. This proved to be a unique spirit, only served to the royalties of the Navy until came 1970 when the daily ration was put to stop. Last served at Prince Andrew’s Wedding by the Crown, the British Royal Navy Imperial Rum are now only available in a limited quantity, assuring you that only a few will get to taste a unique quality of rum in a Royal fashion.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money$54,000 – Wray & Nephew Rum (17-year-old)

This is probably one of the most expensive rums ever made by the Jamaican distillers. It carries a very rich Jamaican flavor, which more pungent on the side. It complements well with the freshness of lime and balances the flavors of fruit juices and other flavorings. What’s so special about this bottle of rum is the fact that only 4 of the original ones remain to be unopened and are just often seen at auctions. It has kept the Jamaican rum traditions for many, many years, and others even lasted up to 90 years.

1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money
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1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money
1x1.trans Top Rums For the Money


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