Most Expensive Meals in the World

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the WorldIf you are thinking that you have spent an awful lot for that dinner date with your girlfriend. Sorry to say, but it is likely that you only spent a fraction of what a truly expensive meal is. There are expensive meals, and there are expensive meals. There are price tags that might leave your head buzzing.

You don’t believe me? Then take a look at the list of expensive meals that man has ever paid, or is yet to pay. From the sands of Egypt to the valleys of New Zealand, you would be shocked at the price of a single meal.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World1. Heston Blumenthal’s six-course dinner at Cape Kidnappers resort in New Zealand ($7,000 per head). The hefty price tag also fits the class of people that have reserved seats for that dinner: there’s a prime minister, rich people, celebrities, and food critics for and against Blumenthal’s style of cooking.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World2. The Dome Restaurant’s ten-course gourmet dinner in Bangkok, Thailand ($25,000 per head). Foie gras, Beluga caviar, Kobe beef, premium crayfish, morel mushrooms, truffles, lobster, premium lamb, and Dom Perignon are just some of the pricey stuff served.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World3. Nino’s Belissima Pizzeria’s Belissima Luxury in New York City ($1000 per order). If you think good pizza is cheap, then you haven’t heard of this kind of pizza. Believe me, there are people who are willing to buy a thin-crust pizza that is topped with chives, lobster, crème fraîche and a half-dozen kinds of caviar.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World4. Serendipity, a restaurant at the East End of New York City, serves Serendipity ice cream ($1000 per serving). If you’re looking for something to cool you up this summer, then you might want to try this. With a ridiculous price of a thousand dollars, this refreshing sundae will also be a sure-fire way to break your bank.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World5. Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City serves a special omelet ($1000 per plate). The Zillion Dollar Frittata is not just your ordinary omelet. It is made of eggs, premium lobster, and ten ounces of sevruga caviar, one of the most expensive caviars in the world.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World6. Westin New York Hotel has their restaurant serving warm bagel to guests ($1000 per piece). Bagels are filling food, but you might want to skip this pricey kind of bagel. Just think of it as your usual special bagel, only that it has a gold leaf-white truffle cream cheese spread inside.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World7. Bombay Brassiere creates the Samundari Khazana, a seafood curry dish, in London ($2000 per plate). This tasty dish will go down in history as the most expensive curry served. It has the most expensive ingredients ever used like Devon crab, white truffle, beluga caviar, Scottish lobster, abalones, and quail eggs, dusted with gold and gold leaf inlays.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World8. A Fence Gate Inn chef created a mushroom and beef pie in Burnley Lancashire, England ($8, 195 per pie, serves eight people). Mushroom and beef pie will never be the same with this one. Red wine, Wagyu beef, matsutake mushrooms, and gold leaf are just some of the things that gives this a hefty price tag.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World9. Nobue Ikura, a Japanese jewelry decorator, created a cake with real platinum designs in Tokyo, Japan ($130,000 for each cake). Talk about expensive desserts. This cake is not just expensive because of the ingredients, it is also because it is glittering with precious metals that you can wear as well.

1x1.trans Most Expensive Meals in the World10. The winner? A meal served to Queen Cleopatra VII in Egypt way back in the past. She drank two pearls worth ten million sesterces (which, by modern estimates, would cost around $21,000,000 per cup). And the reason? She and Mark Anthony had a bet that she couldn’t serve the most expensive dinner in the world. Guess the record still stands until this day.


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