First Lady Obama Releases Her First Book

First Lady Michelle Obama First Lady Obama Releases Her First BookFirst Lady Michelle Obama sure has a lot of reasons to smile these days. One of these is her first book that will take on the spirit of her campaign – food.

Every First Lady seeks to make a mark during her stay in the White House. For First Lady Obama, she had made it her life’s commitment to improve the lives of American’s through better food quality and availability. She has been a promoter of organic farming, consumption of locally-produced fruits and vegetables, and has begun a drive to fight childhood obesity in the country.

Firts lady michelle obama garden First Lady Obama Releases Her First BookTrue to her desire, Obama was the first First Lady, since the time of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, to start an organic vegetable garden in the White House. Currently, the garden has been supplying about 2,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetable that is used in the kitchen. With a bee colony also installed at the White House, it can be enough to supply the presidential kitchen with ingredient that can even be used for official dinners.

Firts lady michelle obama First Lady Obama Releases Her First BookKnowing the habits of the First Lady, one can hardly be surprised that her book will be talking about organic gardening and preparation of organically raised fruits and vegetables. As an added treat, the book will also include some recipes of the presidential family. According to her publisher, Crown Publishing Group, it’s a hard-bound book with illustrations and two e-books.

Obama’s book, currently untitled, is expected to be published on April of 2012. It could very well be quite the interesting read.

1x1.trans First Lady Obama Releases Her First Book

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1x1.trans First Lady Obama Releases Her First Book

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