McDonald’s McJordan BBQ Sauce Fetches 10K on Ebay

1x1.trans McDonalds McJordan BBQ Sauce Fetches 10K on EbayMort Bank, of Bismarck, used to own McDonald’s restaurants in North Dakota. After selling his restaurants in 1996, he saved at least three storage units full of McDonald’s memorabilia.

One item was a gallon jug of 20-year-old McJordan barbecue sauce used on McJordan Burgers, named for basketball icon Michael Jordan.

The promotional item was sold in limited markets for a short time in the 1990s, when Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships.

“It was in my basement and I would look at it occasionally,” he told The Bismarck Tribune. “I thought it would be worth something someday.”

Bank was right.

Bank advertised the sauce on eBay, saying: “A once in a lifetime chance to own the rarest of rare Michael Jordan and McDonald’s collectible!”

It sold for $9,995 to a buyer from Chicago whom Bank has not identified.

Bank claims the buyer was not Jordan himself. Jordan opened a steakhouse in Chicago last year.

“I’m sure he’s a Bulls or Michael Jordan fan, and hopefully he’s not going to put it on his ribs or his burger,” Bank told KXMB-TV of the buyer. “But it’s up to him; he can do whatever he wants with it.”

He has sold items to buyers as far away as China, Japan, Brazil and Europe, though never for as much money as he obtained from the McJordan barbecue sauce.

“I’m pretty ecstatic. You never know what is going to be a hot item.”

Yahoo sports writer Kelly Dwyer notes the ingredients on the label listed on eBay are the same ingredients that go into the McDonald’s barbecue sauce currently available at millions of locations, worldwide.

“The only difference is that this sauce comes in a gallon-sized bottle with Michael Jordan’s last name on it — whereas the versions currently offered only come in mini tubs with your chicken nugget orders.”

From The Ebay Listing:1x1.trans McDonalds McJordan BBQ Sauce Fetches 10K on Ebay

Extremely Rare McJordan Barbeque Sauce from McDonald’s

A once in a lifetime chance to own the rarest of rare Michael Jordan and McDonald’s collectible! The only one left on Earth??

This gallon of McJordan BBQ sauce is from 1992 when McDonald’s sold McJordan Burgers as a promotional menu item.

The McJordan is a quarter-pound hamburger with smoked bacon, cheese, McJordan barbeque sauce, onions, mustard and pickles. All of Michael Jordan’s “favorite ingredients”. The burger was sold only in limited markets in the United States.

Michael Jordan was the first person to have a McDonald’s sandwich as a namesake. Jordan appeared in television spots to promote the burger.

It is in new condition and has never been opened.
Don’t miss this opportunity to own this incredibly rare piece of memorabilia!

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