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1x1.trans Love With FoodLove With Food provides a subscription-based online gourmet snacks delivery service that sends monthly boxes of gourmet treats to users.

From their website:

“Every month, Love With Food Box members will receive a curated box of unique, hard-to-find tasty bites which varies based on seasonal themes. (8+ unique gourmet samples shipped to your door).

“You’ll also have members-only access to purchase the full-size version of featured products at a special discount. You’ll also earn points for every purchase and feedback you provide. Use your points to pay for products and get them FREE!”

The food selections for each month’s box vary based on seasonal themes. The company says that for every food box ordered, a meal is donated to a hungry child via food banks across the U.S.

Other reports indicate that for every box sold, the company donates a meal to Share Our Strength, an organization that fights child hunger in the United States. Thus far, the company takes credit for donating more than 8,000 meals.

Aihui Ong launched Love With Food late in 2011, and by June 2012 has allegedly attracted subscribers in all 50 U.S. states. The company lowered the price of its boxes from $14 to $10, with discounts on shipping for ordering several months of its products.

1x1.trans Love With FoodTechCrunch reported Love With Food raised a $645,000 led by founder Justin Kitch. Investors included 500 Startups, Teec Angel Fund, Great Oaks VC, founder Manish Chandra, Google distinguished engineer George Harik, founder Douglas Feirstein, and Blue Run Ventures partner Jonathan Ebinger.

According to a July report in TechCrunch, Love With Food isn’t just about subscription commerce: It also provides a way for subscribers (and other visitors) to purchase food that was a part of its monthly shipments.

“In fact, about 15-20 percent of its monthly subscribers come back and purchase regular e-commerce goods. Love With Food does that by providing personal recommendations based on your personal taste data — using more than 50,000 data points that it’s collected since launch to determine which products people are most likely to buy.”

In July, Ong told TechCrunch the site has grown about 3x over the past three months, in part through partnerships that it’s striking with publishers. That includes influential food and mom bloggers who help to curate (and publicize) upcoming boxes.

1x1.trans Love With FoodSome of the additional tantalizing products the company offers:

Almond Butter by Barney Butter; Roasted Edamame by Sensible Foods; Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit by Sensible Foods; San Franola Granola Variety To-Go Packs; and Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil Gift Set from Gourme Mist, among others.

1x1.trans Love With FoodReview of Our Sample Box

The contents of the sample box we received included:

Small jar of heavenly Key Lime & Ginger Mustard By East Shore; East Shore Skinny Dipping pretzels made with enriched wheat flour and GMO canola, corn and soybean oil; dried cherries made with sugar and sunflower oil; individually wrapped lemon and peanut butter vegan cookies; coconut peanuts (delicious); gum, and one individually wrapped Gin-Gin, a ginger, caramel candy.

The lemon and peanut butter vegan cookies were thick, moist and chewy, and the coconut peanuts were delicious. But we were disappointed with the pretzels.

As we previously mentioned, the pretzels contain enriched wheat flour which through processing has been stripped of its of bran and germ.

To me, any food product made with enriched flour can hardly be considered a gourmet (high quality) item because enriched flour has fewer nutritional benefits than whole grain.

And although enriched flour is fortified with vitamins and minerals, natural whole-wheat flour is a far more nutritious choice.

And pretzels containing GMO canola, corn and soybean oil speaks for itself. Canola oil is partially hydrogenated or refined before it is used commercially and consequently is a source of trans fatty acids.

What is of a primary concern is that Canola oil is genetically modified, as is corn and soybean oil.

1x1.trans Love With Food
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1x1.trans Love With Food
1x1.trans Love With Food

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