Froot Loops Vodka?

1x1.trans Froot Loops Vodka?I never thought I would see the day. I cringed when bubble gum vodka came out. The latest atrocity from Three Olives is “Loopy“…hmm, I wonder what this refers to. I’m seriously surprised that there has been no uproar from MADD and other such organizations.

1x1.trans Froot Loops Vodka?I’m cool with tasty cocktails and spirits. I have yet to meet a cocktail containing St-Germain that I have not liked, but do we really need for our cocktails to taste like candy.

Man up boys and girls. Drink like a grown up. I’ll stick to vodka seltzer while you all re-live your childhood.

Enjoy the hangover.

1x1.trans Froot Loops Vodka?
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1x1.trans Froot Loops Vodka?
1x1.trans Froot Loops Vodka?

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