Liver Mush: A Classic Southern Recipe

livermush Liver Mush: A Classic Southern Recipe Sometimes, even classic cooking has its own following. Just take liver mush, for example.

This old style of prepared meat is one of the iconic dishes in Southern cooking. While it is true that this dish is fast losing presence in the country, there are still other places that see it as a well-loved recipe, especially in the South.

Livermush sandwich Liver Mush: A Classic Southern Recipe Commonly called poor man’s (or boy’s) meat, liver mush is made of pig’s liver, pig fat, corn meal, and seasoned with pepper and sage. It is a typical breakfast food, although it can also be used for lunch as liver mush sandwich, or a quick supper for those who come home late. Simple and filling, liver mush is high in protein, and provides enough energy for your day.

frying livermush Liver Mush: A Classic Southern Recipe You prepare a serving of liver mush by slicing sufficient portions of the liver mush loaf, pan frying them until golden brown. Once done, you can serve it with a bowl of grits, fried eggs, bacon, and coffee. Personally, I’d coat a slice of liver mush with some beaten eggs before frying, in order to get a crispier texture. I’d serve it with a cup of garlic rice, stir-fried with butter, and sprinkled with minced leeks.

Liver mush has a long history in American cooking. Despite what others are saying, it is one of those dishes that will always be here to stay.

1x1.trans Liver Mush: A Classic Southern Recipe

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1x1.trans Liver Mush: A Classic Southern Recipe

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