Lechon: Filipino’s Most Popular Dish

Lechon on Banana Leaf Lechon: Filipinos Most Popular DishLechon is a very very popular dish on the country where it’s has its roots, the Philippines! That’s right, and lechon is definitely going up to the top my favorite Filipino dishes.

Cooking Lechon Lechon: Filipinos Most Popular DishLechon is a whole suckling pig, held in place by a large bamboo or wooden pole, roasted over live charcoals. The belly is emptied from entrails and stuffed with herbs and spices, seasoned with salt and pepper. The herbs stuffing include a variety of young tamarind leaves, lemon grass and spring onions, while the spices include bay leaf, garlic, onions and red bell peppers. After the belly has been stuffed, it is closed up by stitching. All that spice and seasonings is a perfect blend to bring out the best tasting lechon. The skin, on the other hand, is often brushed with soy sauce and other liquid seasoning for added flavor. After all, the skin of the lechon is its main attraction – crispy, crunchy and tasty. You can imagine how delicious it would become when done. The crisp sound and the aroma of the spices and seasonings are bursting to make your mouth water at the sight of lechon!

Occassion with Lechon Lechon: Filipinos Most Popular Dish

No other Filipino dish is as famous as lechon. A celebration, whether big or small is not complete without it. Almost all important celebrations in my life like birthdays, graduation, special gatherings, and many other occasions, lechon has always been the center of attraction. The crunchy skin is being attacked first and this makes the lechon so bare and a bit funny dish on the table.

Chopped Lechon Lechon: Filipinos Most Popular DishYou will know a good lechon. The tantalizing crunchiness of the crispy skin fully coated with aromatics and a little saltiness will tell you. The meat is tender and very good but you can spruce up the taste with the liver gravy that’s specially made for lechon. To those who still don’t know, the ribs are another best parts that you shouldn’t miss!