Le Kasbah Rocks

1x1.trans Le Kasbah RocksThe best thing about dining in Brussels is the amount of diversity that can be found there. It seems that whatever you’re in the mood for, you can get it. When my plans to try out Viva M’Boma (and eat lots of offal) fell through, I remembered seeing a Moroccan place close by, it became our destination.

I would describe the vibe as uber-romantic. The restaurant is dimly lit, with warm glowing lamps floating on the ceiling. The place was reasonably busy. We took a table in the front room. The tables are lower than I am accustomed to. Kinda felt like an adult sitting at a kid’s table…but I guess that is part of the charm.

Here is where I put in my one negative on the place. The table was a bit sticky. I tried to move a glass and it was hard to get it off the table.

There were two servers on that night. One was pretty reserved, but polite. The other was ebullient and fun. The menu here was not in English, but (as we found in most of Brussels) the staff spoke English.

1x1.trans Le Kasbah RocksWe ordered a half bottle of wine (most of the restaurants we visited offered this option) and got to ordering. While we perused the menu, olives and bread were brought to the table.

1x1.trans Le Kasbah RocksI opted for the chicken tajine with candy lemon, olives at €14,90.  The meat was juicy and nicely flavored. The olives added a pleasant salinity. This was a solid dish, and while it did not compare with say Le Fourneau, neither did the price. This restaurant delivers for the money.

1x1.trans Le Kasbah RocksAntonio ordered the grilled chicken at € 13,90. I tasted his chicken and it was perhaps better than mine. Again, juicy meat, with great flavors. It came with a green salad and a delicious baked potato. Again, not culinary masterpieces, but solid, tasty, comfort food that I would be glad to eat again any time.


1x1.trans Le Kasbah RocksLe Kasbah is located at rue Antoine Dansaert 20 near Saint Catherines and the Bourse in Brussels 32 (0)2 502 40 26.

***Oh, as an added bonus, they take American Express 1x1.trans Le Kasbah Rocks

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