Lasagna Day Beckons On July 29

Lasagna and Toasted Bread Lasagna Day Beckons On July 29Lasagna Day gives us another reason to have a little special meal at home this summer season. On July 29th, bring out the Italian in you and make a really warm treat for you and your family.

This is a special day for everyone, well for foodies the most. Italians are definitely remarkable for creating various pastas in their kitchen. And among varieties of pasta, Americans seem to have favored a bit, this wide flat sheet of pasta dish that is oozing with creaminess and goodness. Lasagna is usually made with layers of sauce (normally tomato based), cheese, and other ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and meat sauce. What makes lasagna special is its ability to comfort your senses in a very relaxing manner. You take a slice, and you can literally see the sauces and all other ingredients oozing out the corners. Lasagna is no longer just a pride of Italy and Europe, but has also become America’s sweetheart, and a popular dish around the world.

Truly, the magic of Lasagna has worked its way on our hearts, thus, we give back the delicious comfort it brings by marking a special day on the calendar to celebrate Lasagna’s best flavors. Some restaurants would be offering special discounts for Lasagna treats on their menu, so check out your favorite restaurant that serves a special dish of Lasagna for this event. Or, to make it even more special, add a touch of your own magic and create your own Lasagna dish at home.

Spinach Lasagna Lasagna Day Beckons On July 29Spinach Lasagna. While Lasagna brings a lot of ingredients to the kitchen table, it can be made healthy by using low-fat and healthy substitutes. This Spinach Lasagna makes up a perks up a healthy flavor to your ordinary lasagna recipe. This requires no meat and perfect for your diet meals. Make your kids eat veggies by slowly introducing them through pasta dishes such as this Lasagna recipe. This will definitely bring a healthy mood on your dining table.

Quick and Healthy Lasagna Image via  Lasagna Day Beckons On July 29

Quick and Healthy Lasagna. If you do not have much time to prepare some family meal, you can make this lasagna treat that is light and quick. You can choose to make use of low-fat cheese and other ingredients that have been trimmed with unnecessary and unwanted elements. You only need some spaghetti sauce, low-fat ricotta cheese, part-skim mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic, and a box of lasagna noodles to make a quick meal for your family. Lasagna is often layered with cheesy goodness. Choose the healthiest kinds and create a healthy plate of lasagna.

Fresh Tomato Lasagna Lasagna Day Beckons On July 29Fresh Tomato Lasagna. Meals are great when freshly cooked, but they can be better than great if you are using fresh ingredients. Make use of ripe tomatoes for the tomato sauce and give a little bite of freshness in every slice. This lasagna recipe is very flavorful and the herbs and spices give it a little swag. Of course, a lasagna dish would not be complete if not for the special layers of cheesy sauces that come with it. You can use healthier yet creamy ingredients for this one, making sure you only give the best healthy lasagna treat for your family to enjoy. Spend some time in the kitchen and make a healthy fresh tomato lasagna to complement a family bonding moment.

Tofu Lasagna Lasagna Day Beckons On July 29Tofu-Filled Lasagna. If you love tofu and you also love lasagna, make a special dish that blends both of your loves. This recipe will turn a bland tofu dish into a very flavorful lasagna mix. The wine, tomato sauce, garlic and dash of basil will definitely make a good impression for your Lasagna Day surprise. This recipe is packed with ingredients that will bring you goodness in every bite. Don’t forget to make use of some healthy ingredients if possible, you do not want to add in some extra fat on your bellies after. Tofu is blended with flavors that make a good lasagna treat.

Celebrate Lasagna Day by making special lasagna treats on July 29th. This is definitely a shout out to all the foodies in America and around the world.

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