Review: Kyocera Ceramic Knife Set

Kyocera Revolution Paring and Santoku Knife Set Review: Kyocera Ceramic Knife SetHow much do you have to spend for a good knife?  Quite a lot, but $65.50 is not too much for a couple of ceramic knives that will last for a very, very long time — the sharpest knife you’ll ever use with minimal sharpening and no rusting.

Of course you can opt for those knife sets that you can get for less than $30; but seriously, are you going to use all 14 of them?  If you are stocking your kitchen with the right gadgets, you might as well invest in something that will last quite long.  And after having a try at these ceramic knives from Kyocera, I had to re-prioritize my birthday wish list.

Here’s something you should know about knives: high stainless and carbon steel (aka the regular knives you find in most kitchens) can do their work, but if you’re into serious cutting and slicing, consider getting ceramic knives.  Kyocera has been producing gorgeous and highly efficient ceramic knives since the late 1950s.  I got to try the knives from its Revolution Paring and Santoku set and hands-down, these Kyocera knives can make any cutting work possible.  It is that sharp.

Kyocera Ceramic Knife Review: Kyocera Ceramic Knife SetAnd sharp is indeed the right word as the first time I held the knife it felt I could cut anything, samurai-style.  It was pretty lightweight but the handle was surprisingly snug in my hand.

I initially used the paring knife to peel some carrots and potatoes.  I almost let out a woot as I managed to finish one in less than a minute with perfect peel curls on the board.  What I loved about the paring knife is the handle; it has the right amount of space to let your fingers sit comfortably but the length of the blade is enough to make the right peel.  I found that this knife understands the food it is going to work on.  I was happily peeling away for several minutes and I never asked for a peeler.  I never saw the need as this Kyocera ceramic paring knife was so sharp and it contributed to my precision.  Off with those buckets of potatoes!

Vegetables1 300x225 Review: Kyocera Ceramic Knife SetI then used the Santoku knife to cut vegetables, and everything glided through.  I was amazed that I can easily do that rocking action that chefs usually do.  The blade is designed with the right curvature that gives the knife — and my hand — the right movement without exerting too much effort.  It was so easy to use that I went ahead and started cutting meat.  I have to say that I never thought about cutting meat before, but this Koycera ceramic knife made me think twice.  It was an unrealized dream.  Now I can see myself buying a block of meat from the store and cutting it myself — I have to say, this knife can make a butcher out of you without the blood-stained apron!

After washing and drying the knife (hand-washed and towel-dried), I went ahead and tried it on a block of parmigiano reggiano.  And I cut some fish and halved a (small) pumpkin.  I was impressed.

Fish Cut into Cubes 300x195 Review: Kyocera Ceramic Knife SetMeats, vegetables, seafood — you will not have any problems having these under these Kyocera knives.  The ceramic blades were sharpened using diamond wheels thus ensuring that razor-sharp precision; thick or thin, you can make that slice.  These ceramic knives from Kyocera will never rust because they are impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts or other elements.  You can just imagine these knives sitting in your drawer fifty years from now, in good condition.

Of course, for something as precious as these knives, you need to take good care of your great investment.  It does not ask much: hand wash only.  Do not drop.  Use properly.  It can be only sharpened by a company provided by Kyocera in Southern California and all you have to do is pay for the handling and shipping because the service is free.  All you have to do is follow the above and what you’ll have is a great long-lasting ceramic knife set that will make you wonder why you ever used anything else, especially that $30 block knife set.



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