More Racism – This Time From A MasterChef Contestant

Molly Eichel, a reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News has located two now-deleted racist tweets made last year by MasterChef contestant Krissi Biasiello, a contestant on the fourth season of Fox’s “MasterChef.

1x1.trans More Racism   This Time From A MasterChef Contestant

Molly claims the tweets were located by some of her spies who sent her tweets from Biasiello’s account.

One tweet reads: “[W]hy do the [Philadelphia] 76ers keep coming up in my who to follow,” Biasiello asked in the first tweet from 2012.

“i HATE basketball. NBA = Niggers Bouncing Around,” she explained, punctuated with a “#thatsracist” hashtag.

In another tweet from July 2012, Biasiello wrote: “Better make sure you’re on top when sleeping with a black guy … Otherwise it’s probably rape.”

The tweet links to what seems to be a ChaCha poll on whether you prefer to be on the “top” or “bottom” during sex.

When Molly contacted the reps for “MasterChef” they had no comment.

Writing for Meidaite, Andrew Kirell notes that Biasiello is a 34-year-old paralegal based out of Philadelphia, and is currently placed within the top 11 contestants on this fourth season of MasterChef, a competitive cooking reality program co-hosted by Gordon Ramsay.

Following Molly Eichel’s Daily News report, Biasiello deleted her account.

Last week, country cooking queen Paula Deen witnessed the fall of her food empire take place virtually overnight as a result of racial slurs that were exposed in a lawsuit-related deposition in May.

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