Kit Kats of the World

1x1.trans Kit Kats of the WorldNow if you’re thinking of having a break, the next Kit Kat you’ll reach out for does not have to be the standard chocolate-covered wafer that snaps when you break it.   Give your handy globe a spin and discover that Kit Kats come in different flavors — which can be great if what you are looking for is more than a break.

1x1.trans Kit Kats of the WorldSure, you would have probably heard of the special Kit Kat Olympic edition in time for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  True to its Canadian flavor, Kit Kat came up with a maple-flavored version.  Another common favorite is the cookies n’cream Kit Kat that was issued in Australia.  Although the Royal Milk Tea Kit Kat seems like a very English creation, the flavor was actually conceptualized in Japan.  However, this Kit Kat definitely represents that ol’ neighbor across the pond as it tastes like the classic English milk tea though more intense with its very sweet flavor.

1x1.trans Kit Kats of the WorldNow when it comes to creativity, Japanese Kit Kat will never fail to surprise anyone.  “Japanese” flavors and other crazy antics seem to have found its way to this well-loved chocolate bar.

How about we start off with Soy Sauce Kit Kat?  Now who would even think that soy sauce can find its way to a chocolate bar?  Of course, if there is soy, there is Toasted Soy Flour Kit Kat.  You can also be more adventurous and try the Red Beak (yes, “beak”, not “bean”) Soup Kit Kat, Pumpkin Kit Kat and even Veggie Kit Kat.

1x1.trans Kit Kats of the WorldNaturally, it is inevitable that Japanese sweets will find itself in a Kit Kat bar: Black Sugar Kit Kat, Kinaki Ohagi Kit Kat, and Green Tea Kit Kat.  Fruity Kit Kats also come in Strawberry, Blood Orange, Mango, and of course, Fruit Parfait. But when it comes to crazy, the soy sauce does not stop here.

Go ahead and have a bite of Kit Kat flavors Candied Sweet Potato, Sweet Corn, and Potato.  Or you can pop a Kit Kat in Bubblegum.  Truly, what can be more exotic than an Apple Vinegar Kit Kat?

1x1.trans Kit Kats of the WorldOther global Kit Kats have probably thought they have gone adventurous with their Banana Kit Kat (Canada), Cookie Dough Kit Kat (Australia) and even the odd-sounding “Caramac” Kit Kat which turns out to be a Nestle caramel-flavored brand.  But to be truly adventurous and even all-encompassing when it comes to Kit Kats, just go to Japan and you’ll find the an alien universe of Kit Kat pretty much confined there.