Kill It, Cook It, Eat It: A Shocking Look In Meat

killitcookiteatit Kill It, Cook It, Eat It: A Shocking Look In MeatWell, if you’re looking for a show that not only tells you how things are done, but also makes you think about how it’s being done, then this is just right for you. Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, is a special show from BBC that takes us into the world of meat preparation. It shows exactly how an animal is raised, slaughtered, and prepared into the meat products that we consume today. A word of warning – this is not a show for the faint-hearted. But if you’re the type who wants to see the truth of things, then you should give this show a peek.

bacon Kill It, Cook It, Eat It: A Shocking Look In MeatCurious about how that favorite black pudding of yours came about? You’ll see how it’s done here. How about that bacon, or that ham that you’ve been relishing with your family? Once you’ve watched Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, you will never view those two meat products again. I won’t be surprised if you’d chuck them out in disgust. And that is certainly a reaction that the show’s producers in BBC wanted to elicit from viewers.

Kill It Cook It Eat It Kill It, Cook It, Eat It: A Shocking Look In MeatIt’s certainly an eye-opener for the shows volunteers. These people would actually spend their time in the farms, helping raise the animal that is scheduled for slaughter. By actually immersing themselves into the experience of actually preparing the meat, they would have a unique insight and opinion on the meat industry. Actually, what they say could have a major contribution to this hotly contested topic here in the United Kingdom.

An edgy piece of documentary work, Kill It, Cook It, Eat It is sure to be a strong show. It will no doubt raise questions about how we do our meat. The answers are certainly varied, but it will no doubt make you ask questions yourselves.


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