Jonathan’s Card: Giving Coffee Meets Good Karma

Giving Coffee Image  Jonathan’s Card: Giving Coffee Meets Good KarmaKindness has jumped over the fence of technology. Now, through a phone application, you can now buy a cup of coffee for yourself, a family member, a friend, or even a stranger. This application called Jonathan’s Card was offered to Starbuck’s patrons for them to share this little act of kindness.

Spark-plugged by Jonathan Stark, the brains behind this wonderful application service allows you to share a cup of coffee with another individual. All you need is to download a picture of this Starbucks card to your phone and let the scanner do the negotiation. It was a generous act indeed from Jonathan, to be able to offer a great cup of warm coffee to another individual. You don’t have to worry anything because nothing will be charged from you. Instead, it will be charged from Jonathan’s own Starbucks card. But if you have it in you to be more generous, you have the option to put some money into Jonathan’s Starbucks card. Through this, more people will be given free coffee on that manner.

Jonathans Card Starbucks Jonathan’s Card: Giving Coffee Meets Good KarmaBefore you do some head-start thinking about this new idea, Starbucks has nothing to do with it nor was it related to any Starbuck’s shop. All credits are given to Jonathan Starks. Reloading instructions, inquiries and everything related to this Jonathan’s Card can be found through his website, twitter, and facebook accounts.

But this wonderful idea didn’t last that long as Starbucks recently shut down the use of Jonathan’s Card in all of its outlets. It was like they put off the fire before it starts to spread. Starbucks was kind enough to let this social experiment for some time, even though it was not under any card sharing rules of their company. Jonathan’s Card got hundreds of people share some money to this coffee project from the start until the time that it was terminated. The bad thing was lots of websites have sprung and somewhat doing the same thing, but some were too good to be true. Some have taken advantage of other people’s kindness. Funds were going nowhere. It became an evil plot instead of a goodwill movement. This was the sad ending for Jonathan’s Card and Starbucks.

Starbucks Card Mobile Jonathan’s Card: Giving Coffee Meets Good KarmaJonathan’s Card can no longer be used for any Starbucks outlet, but it does not mean that it’s the end for this social experiment. There are more ways to share things with others, not just a cup of coffee. We are still awaiting of what Jonathan’s Card is going to be doing next. I will not be surprised if Mr. Stark will turn to other food shops, clothing stores, and eventually just about anything that you can think of. This was indeed a bitter-sweet ending for Starbucks and Jonathan’s Card, but this is just the beginning of a great social application evolution.

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