JD’s Bacon “Lotion”

1x1.trans JDs Bacon Lotion This time it’s no joke. What started off as an April Fool’s joke resulted in such demand that JD’s, the company whose motto is “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon”, decided to go into production.

I am a little (very) disturbed to tell you that you can now buy the world’s first bacon-flavored personal “lotion” and massage oil. For some reason I have images of the Last Tango in Paris in my mind. Alas your porky dreams can now become a reality.

Have we tested it? No, we’ll leave that to you.

Is it vegan like Baconnaise? We’re not sure.

This would have been a great addition to our Bacon infographic.

1x1.trans JDs Bacon Lotion
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1x1.trans JDs Bacon Lotion
1x1.trans JDs Bacon Lotion

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