Ice Cream Gallery’s Inspiration

1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys InspirationWhen it comes to frozen treats, ice cream or sorbet is probably top  choice. I didn’t really know what is the exact name to call each ice cream I see on the streets, shops, or the supermarket. All I know is, it is cold and yummy in every single bite. Later did I realize there is such thing as the industrialized ice cream which is often found in groceries and supermarkets, the homemade ones which are famous in restaurants and some ice cream parlors, and of course the most special ice cream that one could ever find – fine ice cream that you can only find in special ice cream parlors and best restaurants in town.

1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys InspirationWhen it comes to fine ice cream serving, nothing beats this one from Hongkong that offers one of the freshest ice cream you can ever find. When you talk about the first in serving French fine dining ice cream in the market, you are talking about none other than the Ice Cream Gallery. This ice cream parlor does not make you feel like visiting a regular ice cream parlor and having a scoop or two of your favorite flavor. This ice cream shop is talking serious business, and what I mean by serious, they offer what not many ice cream parlors can give the customer – fresh and natural ice cream servings that can satisfy your palate and gastronomic cravings. Yes, everyday you’ll be given ice cream treats that are made fresh with no artificial flavoring or coloring, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredient that you can think of. It seems impossible to believe in, but not for Arron Liu, the man behind this successful Ice Cream Gallery.

1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys InspirationThis gourmet boutique in Hongkong become a popular favorite in the recent Hongkong Food Expo. Ice Cream Gallery does not only offer regular ice cream experience, but rather, turns your fine ice cream fantasies into a classic fine dining experience. Sourcing its ingredients from different parts of the world like milk from Australia, ice cream from France, and vanilla bourbon from Madagascar, Arron Liu was able to create over 600 flavors of ice cream for Ice Cream Gallery alone. He took inspiration for some of his best-sellers from the French haute cuisine, something that a regular ice cream shop could only dream of doing. This is evident in the flavors in salmon varieties and foie gras which are unusually good in the palate. He is also keen in having Asian favorites like the mangoes from Philippines and durian from Malaysia. Ice Cream Gallery is also proud to present its array of frozen treats which includes the Italian Gelato, Frozen Yogurt, Traditional Japanese Ice Cream, and of course, the French Crème Glacee.

1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys InspirationThe uniqueness and elegance of Ice Cream Gallery’s flavors define the fine ice cream dining. Taking its inspiration from the French cuisine, you get the chance to taste ice creams made in foie gras and the lobster ice cream flavor. These are only two of the fine dining staples that you can find in Ice Cream Gallery. It looks like ice cream can be as impressive as those in the main course. But of course, fine dining does not come in cheap quality, and so is its price. The Ice Cream Gallery offers ice cream experience in a little luxurious price, with every penny  worth it.

1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys InspirationIce Cream Gallery is not bringing down the quality of fine dining into something like the ice cream. Instead, it is creating a brand new look and name for the regular ice cream that we all love, with a touch of French.

1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys Inspiration
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1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys Inspiration
1x1.trans Ice Cream Gallerys Inspiration

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