A Hot Water Bath to Thaw your Meat

1x1.trans A Hot Water Bath to Thaw your MeatHave a relaxing hot water bath while you are thawing your frozen meat in its own hot water bath. This is thawing made easy and healthy.

The Sous vide and hot water bath follow the same process to create a very distinctive character on the meat. Yes, they both use the plastic bag methods, sealing the meat in a durable plastic bag and then letting it bathe in a tub of water, but the principles are different.

People, mostly chefs and food shop owners use Sous vide to cook their meat, keeping all the flavors, juices, and texture intact while keeping its natural fat contents. This method works by putting the meat or vegetable in a sealable plastic bag with air vacuumed out and cook by letting it sit on a water bath with a temperature that is lower than the conventional or ordinary cooking temperature. This cooks the meat through, eliminating overcooked results. It maintains a certain temperature that steadily cooks meat, vegetables and other kinds of food for a certain duration. You take control in your cooking through this machine that does wonders for you. This is a safe and surprising way to cook your meals without losing the desired effect.

1x1.trans A Hot Water Bath to Thaw your MeatHot water bath on the other hand uses the same method as that of Sous vide – sealing the meat or vegetable in a tight plastic bag with air vacuumed out, and then letting it sit in a hot water tub. But this is not intended for cooking. Hot water bath is the newest method in thawing your foods before cooking them. This method makes thawing safe and easy. The conventional method for thawing foods is to transfer them from the freezer to the refrigerator to soften it or letting the plastic sealed meat sit in a cold water bath. Now, researchers have found a new way to thaw your meat, with the use of hot water bath. As of the moment, this proved to work only for thin cuts of meat. Air thawing proved to be a slower method, taking hours before the meat softens and ready to be cooked.

Hot water bath can thaw meat in just a span of 10-15 minutes without the fear of microbes entering beyond the safety limit of your food. It gives only a short period for microbes to invade your food, but because it is frozen and thawed directly in a hot temperature, it gets the food safe from microbes and soften at the same time. It also proved to be effective in keeping the juices and weight of the meat intact during the process, and losing just a small amount when cooked. It seals all the goodness in.

1x1.trans A Hot Water Bath to Thaw your Meat

Although some people fear that hot water bath thawing might cook the food eventually, researchers have found no traces of cooking after the process. Well, the thawing time depends on the kind and size of meat used in this method. But this is definitely one time saving tip that moms and chefs would definitely love. This is something easy, safe, and yes, convenient way of preparing food especially when you don’t have the luxury of time. Enjoy the natural goodness of meaty menus.

1x1.trans A Hot Water Bath to Thaw your Meat
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1x1.trans A Hot Water Bath to Thaw your Meat