Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food Avoidance

1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food AvoidanceOne of the leading medical conditions that affects our bones, but we sometimes have the tendency to overlook is Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease or condition where your normal bone density declines when you grow old, specifically after you’ve reached the age of 40. To put into simpler terms, your bone mineral density deteriorates, leaving you at risk for bone fracture. Osteoporosis may come in mid life or later in your life. Although age is a factor in bone mineral loss, long-term use of some medications like glucocorticods or steroids can also play a factor in having osteoporosis. While the threat of this disease is growing, it can be, however, prevented through changing your unhealthy lifestyle and treatment. This involves our diet, on which there are foods that affect our body’s nutrients, especially the bones. Here, are the foods that rob out calcium in our body.

1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food AvoidanceToo much salt. Increased levels of sodium, when digested and get into you kidneys, can steal calcium levels off your body, leaving you with lesser nutrients and at risk for mineral loss. Sodium or salt increases calciuria or loss of calcium levels in urine. Study shows that high-sodium intake takes a lot from our Bone Mass Density (BMD). Salty foods like chips, crackers, burger, pizza, processed foods, canned goods and fast foods, must be controlled or avoided.

1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food AvoidanceSoft Drinks. Of all the minerals in our body, calcium is the most profuse and phosphorous is second in line. Carbonated drinks contain a high amounts of phosphorous which is not advisable for our health. Balance is needed to maintain our bone’s health. Excessive phosphorous intake causes imbalance in our body’s nutrients. In this case, calcium is pulled off the bones to maintain balance and neutralize things in our body. In order to preserve bone density, a person should limit, control or avoid consumption of carbonated drinks.

1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food AvoidanceCaffeine. Coffee is one of the world’s highest consumed drinks secondary to water. It is highly patronized for its qualities  that can keep a person awake to some work or tasks. It may not be a major factor in bone loss, but most people are unaware that caffeine is a good bone robber. It usually works in impairing calcium absorption in the digestive tract. If you can lessen your caffeine and increase your calcium intake, that would make your bones happy and stronger.

1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food AvoidanceAlcohol. While alcohol doesn’t directly steal calcium from our bones, it highly affects the absorption in the body. High-alcohol intake can hinder calcium absorption in the pancreas. It also greatly affects the liver, which functions for vitamin D activation. Vitamin D is of great importance for absorption of calcium. Excess alcohol levels in the body can also kill our body’s bone making cells – osteoblasts. You should be able to control your alcohol consumption, because not only does it affect our bones, years of high-alcohol consumption can eventually damage other parts of a person’s body.

1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food AvoidanceHigh protein foods. High-protein levels in the body can raise urea and uric acid levels in the blood, brings in protein breakdown and metabolism by products. Uric acid and urea are eliminated in the body through flushing water into the kidneys and into the urinary tract to excrete it out of our body. This causes mineral loss in the body, mostly the ones that are essential to us such as calcium. When high levels of protein are consumed, this could lead to robbery of calcium from the bones, eventually causing osteoporosis. High-protein foods are found in the form of meat, especially red meat, eggs, and fish.

1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food Avoidance
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1x1.trans Preventing Osteoporosis Through Food Avoidance