How Healthy Is Your Ice Cream (Infographic)

1x1.trans How Healthy Is Your Ice Cream (Infographic)Everyone loves ice cream, I mean how can somebody hates that flavorful treats? Statically Americans loves them the most, that why they call it The Great American Dessert. Each year, we consume an average of 48 pints per person; more than any other country in the world. Ice cream before were pretty simple: cream, sugar or honey, an egg and possibly some fruit. As everything changes and so does ice cream. Ice cream now are loaded with artificial sweeteners, trans fats, thickeners, artificial colorings, and preservatives; a far cry from the homemade treat enjoyed for centuries. Read more from our Infographic today and find out what’s else is in your ice cream?

1x1.trans How Healthy Is Your Ice Cream (Infographic)
Source: Be Food Smart


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