Hone Your Chops: The Chef’s Guide to Knives (Infographic)

Chefs Guide to Knives Infographic Hone Your Chops: The Chefs Guide to Knives (Infographic)With all the books and blogs dedicated to the art of food, most focus exclusively on recipes. But while ingredients matter in the concoction of delicious and impressive meals, a solid knowledge of kitchen tools is also important.

This is the one of those simply designed yet informative infographic that you will see. With black and white color you might find it boring but it’s the inside that will surprise you. Details that everyone should know – from basic anatomy to selection and to handling them. Read on and you will find more.
hone your chops the chefs guide to knives 5068510a03b9a w587 Hone Your Chops: The Chefs Guide to Knives (Infographic) Source: ShannonLattin