Homaro Cantu’s Laptop Thief

1x1.trans Homaro Cantus Laptop ThiefI spend a lot of time online. It’s been a bit more entertaining recently thanks to entrepeneur and Moto Chef Homaro Cantu. It has been more fun due to Cantu’s tech savvy and the latest inductee to the Darwin Awards. Cantu recently had his laptop stolen in Chicago.

Thankfully for us, Cantu has keystroke logging and tracking software installed into his computer. Now Cantu and all his friends have gotten to know the culprit on a very personal level.

Musical Tastes: Jay Z, Soulja Boy, Nicky Minaj and of course Sade
Romantic Life: Forever alone, watches plenty of adult films.
Goals: Wants to get rid of love handles.
Favorite Things: Mary J, bad beer, and a caaaaaash!

Cantu has put the offender’s fate to a vote. I hope everyone votes to let the show go on. It’s been quite entertaining. This could be come the next leg of reality television.

If you want to follow the saga, check out Cantu’s twitter stream.

1x1.trans Homaro Cantus Laptop Thief
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1x1.trans Homaro Cantus Laptop Thief