Hidden Costs of Thanksgiving (Infographic)

1x1.trans Hidden Costs of Thanksgiving (Infographic)Thanksgiving day is just a few hours from now. I know we already got few of Thanksgiving Infographic but today will be quiet different from the two. It simply illustrate how Thanksgiving day can be so much fun and at the same time costly!

You get to kick back, relax, and fill yourself to the brim with turkey (or not), mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Then, you can flip on the football games and embrace the impending food coma. It may be awesome, but this day of indulgence isn’t free! Whether it’s triple-digit calorie counts, rage-inducing airport delays or a big bill from the plumber on Black Friday, you may be spending more than you think on Thanksgiving.

1x1.trans Hidden Costs of Thanksgiving (Infographic)
Source: BrightNest