Drinks To Go For Health This Summer

1x1.trans Drinks To Go For Health This Summer

We may have gone pass the summer solstice this year, but, the season is just starting to bloom.

Drink many  fluids during this season. Summer is one of the best seasons to have a party under the sun or a party by the beach at night. It’s enough of a reason to take some time off, head to the beach and enjoy the warm summer breeze. And of course, not because it’s summer you’d have to let go of your healthy habits.  Keep a healthy figure, body and mind by making yourself, your family and friends some homemade drinks which you all could enjoy. Chill out with some refreshing drinks that will keep your summer parties hydrated. A fruit juice is one of the most refreshing drinks to create a little cooling down from the sun, with little or no alcohol at all.

1x1.trans Drinks To Go For Health This SummerWatermelon LemonadeWatermelons contain more than 90% of water which is a good hydrating fruit and lemonade gives a fresh citrus flavor. Make a glass of this very refreshing fruit juice drink that will brighten up your day. We know how lemonades are popular, especially during the summer season, what more if another wonderful fruity flavor is in blended in. You can serve these at home for your family, add a little vodka if you want to spice up your party or just by the beach with a glass of homemade lemonade with watermelon freshness.

1x1.trans Drinks To Go For Health This SummerBanana Pineapple Lassi.
Did you ever think a banana and pineapple drink would taste good? Try it for yourself by creating a very tropical drink courtesy of this Banana Pineapple Lassi. This fruit drink is healthy and refreshing at the same time. Bananas are known to be very flavorful and sweet in its entirety and the pineapple will give a little refreshing twist to it. Like any other drinks, you can make alcohol-free glasses of this or add a little rum and vodka if you like have a summer tropical party with your friends.

1x1.trans Drinks To Go For Health This SummerPeach Bellin-Wee’s. This is perfect if you’re planning to head down to the beach, lie on the ground and enjoy the summer sun. Peaches are also good picks for summer as they give a really refreshing and fruity vibe. Make some peach purees. You can store them on a container if you’re planning to bring it out or pour it over a few glasses if you are serving it instantly. Then pour over some sparkling water (for kids) or champagne (for adults) over the puree and have a bubbly peach drink that you and your family can enjoy.

1x1.trans Drinks To Go For Health This SummerFrozen Fruit Slush. Get your favorite summer fruits in a very refreshing glass of smoothies with this recipe that is made easy. Gotta love this season because of the freshest fruits that you can find in the market. Slice some bananas, strawberry or any kind of berry, and fresh or canned orange juice. Put them in a blender with small ice cubes and blend until it gets smooth and a little thick. Serve immediately to feel its coolness down the throat.

1x1.trans Drinks To Go For Health This SummerSparkling Cranberry Rose. Make your summer nights extra special by adding a fruity taste to your sparkling wine parties. You just need some cranberry juice, ice cubes and your favorite champagne or rose wine in a glass. You can substitute the champagne for sparkling water if you want to serve this to the young ones. Alcohol or no alcohol, it simply is a good summer refresher.

1x1.trans Drinks To Go For Health This SummerMango Freeze. Get the freshest tropical flavors this summer and have it on a refreshing drink. All you need are fresh mangoes, any tropical fruit nectar, crushed ice and some honey for a bit of sweetness. Avoid mangoes if you are on a low-fiber diet. If you’re not, enjoy a glass or two of this cold summer treat that is perfect for a hot, warm weather. You can add a bit of alcohol if you have adult guests or serve this as it is for your kids to enjoy.

Drinks for summer can be made fun, colorful and healthy at the same time. You have the choice of adding some alcohol for adult parties and non-alcoholic coolers that you can serve to your kids. Make time to enjoy this season and appreciate healthy drinks in a fun and cool way.

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