Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011

1x1.trans Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011As 2011 approaches, many of us will be making resolutions: not smoking, getting a better job, losing weight. Sure, these are all noble aspirations, but why not make one of those resolutions an easy one. In order to get just a little bit healthier, resolve to include one of these fruits into your daily routine. They are pretty tasty and have tons of goodies to make you healthy. (Click the images to get to delicious recipes for the fruits).

1x1.trans Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011Blackberry: Berries are great as a group, but blackberries stand out for their high fiber and antioxidant content. Its seeds are full of vitamin C and E. Best part is that these multiply like bunnies, so if you plant them you will have no trouble yielding fruit. The best way to eat these is raw. That is how you get the most benefit, but you can do much more with them. Think pies and sorbets. Grab some Greek yogurt, add some granola and sprinkle the berries on top for a fantastic mid morning treat.

1x1.trans Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011Mango: Although they originates in India and Asia, these can be found all over the world. Why should you eat them? They are packed full of protein and pre-biotic fiber so they stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. Mangos also have antioxidants (A,B and C vitamins). Think that is it? Nope. Mangos also have carotenoids (like lutein and beta-carotene) and polyphenols). It is said that they are anti inflamtion agents and that they may help with the functions of the brain. This super tasty fruit is perfect for lassis, salads and juices.

1x1.trans Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011Papaya: These are overloaded with vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin B, vitamin C and fiber. On top of that, they’ve got potassium and tons of minerals. Sure, most people eat the pulp, but the best stuff is in the seeds. So why not invest in a good blender and throw your papaya in there (seeds and all) with some mangos and ice for a frothy treat? Bring a little touch of Thailand to your kitchen with some Som Thum Thai. The possibilities are endless.

1x1.trans Four Fruits You Should Be Eating in 2011Strawberries: Besides being delicious, strawberries are incredibly healthy. They are also full of fiber, vitamin c (an antioxidant) and lots of minerals includeing manganese. It is said that strawberries can lower cholesterol (because they contain phytosterols) and keep you young (they contain reveratrol, the same stuff found in red wine). Besides, it is super easy to include these in your diet; you can add them to cereal, ice cream, top them with melted chocolate, add them to milk shakes and even make drinks like strawberry margaritas.

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