FriendsEat Mole: Hanneke Eerden Guest Post

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This is a guest post by food blogger Hanneke Eerden. We interviewed her back in April because we really enjoyed her blog The Dutchess Cooks where we found some great recipes and tips on baking and grilling. Hanneke is from The Netherlands, so her recipes always have a special touch. She also writes for La Prensa San Diego and The BBQ Smoker (needless to say, she keeps herself busy). Here is a little taste of Hanneke’s love and passion.

Welcome in my kitchen! How very nice to meet you! Some time ago I was asked by FriendsEat if I was interested in doing a series for them and what did you think I said?? Yeah, it took exactly 2 seconds to jump up, scream YES and fall back into my chair and click on the email to reply! And from that moment on, the search began. The search for a perfect recipe. And that is not as easy as you think because I got picky. And then finally a little voice in my head said to me: “hey Dutchess, people don’t want a five star recipe, that’s not what they expect from you, relaaaax!” sigh…what a relieve that was…

And that lead to this delicious recipe: Mole. A recipe that is not particularly Dutch, in fact I’ve never had it before and had never even heard of it. This recipe was given to me by a friend, Tim, who lives in the US and he sent me several chile peppers (home grown) some while ago. Those peppers aren’t easy or simply not available over here. And one of the peppers he sent was the Pasilla pepper. He mentioned it was used as one of the main ingredients of the Mole recipe. The recipe was included (a traditional family recipe) and then I saw something, it was a very special ingredient, one you’ll love: chocolate! Now I have used chocolate in a main course recipe more often but I have to admit that it’s not always a success. Most of the time it’s used here with game but so overwhelming that I have a slight uncomfortable feeling about using it again. Lucky for you that wasn’t what happened here. The list of ingredients was screaming at me: you will love it, try it!

So I did. But before I could start cooking there were some things I had to figure out first. For me the most important ingredient is always the meat. That’s the main character my meals are based upon and the only way I plan my meals. Now I started off with a sauce that was completely new to me, so I went for the safe way and choose for chicken. For vegetables I searched my cook books (that alone took me almost a day!) and decided to go for watercress with grilled mango. And no potatoes, rice, pasta whatever. Just corn chips with guacamole.

It was a party on my plate! And that party is what I would like you to have too, so let’s start this party! But not without a little shot to celebrate first: Tequila! Because after all, I might be the Dutchess but I’m also a real BarBQBoozer!


6 dried Pasilla peppers or 1/4 Cup ground Pasilla peppers

1 10 oz can stewed tomatoes (Mexican style) (I couldn’t get these so I used ½ can regular peeled tomatoes and ½ can salsa)

3/4 Cup chopped onion

1 Cup chicken broth

3 Tbs sesame oil (dark or toasted)

3 Tbs raisins

1/2 tsp ground cloves

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1/2 tsp cinnamon (Mexican) (I couldn’t get this, I used regular cinnamon)

11/2 tsp ground coriander

2 oz chocolate (sweetened Mexican is best) (I used regular 70% chocolate and 3 tablespoons sugar)

Salt to taste


First start with seasoning the chicken breasts. I love to use Rooster Booster chicken seasoning from Smokie Okie’s, it’s got the perfect taste.

Combine all the ingredients for the Mole (except the chocolate and salt) in a blender and puree. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime you can grill the chicken breasts.

Add the chocolate to the sauce as soon as the chicken breasts are almost done, and let it simmer until it’s melted. Add salt to taste.

Slice the chicken when it’s done and serve with the Mole….. and I tell you…this is delicious!!!

As Always ~ Bon Appetit!

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