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What's This?

Why the hell are you watching Food Network tonight. Cheftertainment sucks. Seriously. Instead, grow your mind and learn a little something with one of our favorites: Alton Brown. He’s like Bill Nye but for cooking, and frankly, he’s kinda awesome. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Episode 101 “Steak Your Claim”

Alton Brown tells you everything you need to know about American steak. How to choose it, how to prep it, and…most importantly, how to cook it.

Episode 102 “This Spud’s for You”

The story of the potato, different techniques and recipes, all explained by Alton Brown.

Episode 103 “The Egg-Files”

Alton Brown explores the most perfect and beloved food item, the egg.

Episode 104 “Salad Daze”

Alton Brown explores the evolution of a salad from foraged grub, to salad bar, to high end goodness.

Episode 105 “A Bird in the Pan”

Alton Brown ends the mystery behind roasting a good bird. You’ll never dry out your roasted chicken again and you won’t spend more than 30 minutes making it.

Episode 106 “Churn Baby Churn”

Alton Brown discusses the history of America’s love of frozen desserts and the science behind them.

Episode 107 “The Dough Also Rises”

Even the most experienced cooks are daunted by baking biscuits. Brown explores the difference between Northern biscuits, Southern biscuits, and why Southern Biscuits…modeled after British scones…have taken our hearts and stomachs.

Episode 108 “Gravy Confidential”

When humans started “cooking” it was by trial and error. This trial and error has brought us to amazing sauces (ketchups, bechamel, etc…) which started off as mere disguises for bad foods. In this episode, Alton explores everything you need to know our most beloved sauce, gravy.

Episode 109 “A Bowl of Onion”

Onions, they make you cry but can be sweet as heaven. Did you know that they once made for a coveted wedding present? You’ll learn this and more in this episode of Good Eats.

Episode 110 “Hook, Line, and Dinner”

Intimidated by sea life? You should not be, fish is incredibly delicious. There are more than 100 varieties of fish for you to choose from….but how do you cook it? Alton Brown explores the mysteries of the sea.

Episode 111 “Pantry Raid I: Use Your Noodle”

Did you know that pasta was around way before Marco Polo? It was…learn everything you ever wanted to about pasta on this Pantry Raid.

Episode 112 “Power to the Pilaf”

Are you a fan of rice? So am I…but have you ever had Arborio or Japonica? Alton Brown thinks it is time you try more than just plain white rice.

Episode 113 “The Art of Darkness”

Alton Brown ends this season with the world’s most beloved food, chocolate. Think you know your chocolate? You’ll be amazed at all you learn about the world’s most desired food.

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