When The Cow Is Away, The Goat Will Play

1x1.trans When The Cow Is Away, The Goat Will PlayWith all the high prices for meat and other dairy products nowadays, there’s seems to be an underrated animal in the farm that is seeking popularity in the food world. Goat is just one of many farm animals that, for some reason, has been gaining fame in the past few years.

It is hard to speak of cows that are naturally bred and treated as humane as possible. With the demand for cow products such as beef meat and dairy has been huge throughout these years, so is the pressure of massive production and highly industrialized meat products. This somehow causes an imbalance in the cow industry, having sustenance over sustainability virtues.

Goat’s dairy products such as milk and cheese are also proven to be more efficient and healthy compared to the cow’s dairy. Goat’s milk structure is the key to this nutritional advantage. The milk is made up of rather small protein particles and fat molecules that are only half the size of a cow’s milk. This brings less curd tension or formation in our digestive tract, keeping it light on the stomach. Because of this, goat milk is a great substitute for those people who are lactose intolerant. This kind of milk is easily digested, leaving the intestines free of milk contents that usually ferment in this phase when not properly digested. A goat’s milk contains more nutrients such as vitamin A, phosphorous, calcium, thiamine, and lesser cholesterol levels. It also does not contain protein complex allergic reactions stimulants that are found in cow’s dairy products.

1x1.trans When The Cow Is Away, The Goat Will PlayGoat cheeses are also very popular in the present times. In the earlier years, goat cheeses that were made of goat’s raw milk were naturally left to curdle. Once it has curdled up, the cheese makers now drain excess liquids and start pressing the curds. Others would use acids for milk curdling. This allows the goat cheese to be creamy and gives a tarty flavor to it. This is what goat cheeses are famous for. The cheese from goat’s milk also does not melt like a cow’s cheese. It softens when subjected to heat but still retains its thick and creamy texture. This kind of cheese is often used as spreads or in salad mixes.

Although goat meats weren’t really popular in some places, regions like in South America, Middle East, and especially Africa were relying more on goat meats and dairy products. This is where the world’s goat influence started and made an impact. The goat industry promises farm fresh meats and dairy products. The meat is so tender and chemical free. This has something to do with the way of raising goats that the farm owners have taken advantage of. There are no hormone treatments or harmful chemicals injected on the goat; everything is made natural. Goats were feeding on the greens that are available in the farm land.

1x1.trans When The Cow Is Away, The Goat Will PlayThe future for goat products is promising, yet always there’s a fear of the unknown. By the time it reaches the peak of success, how will small farms be able to sustain the demand for more goat meat and dairy? Will the goat become the future cow? The possibilities are endless. We’ll just continue hope for a better natural success in the industry this time.

Blanca Valbuena
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