Giovanni Rana…it may be better than homemade

This is not a paid post. I open with this because I am so in love with their products that you may think they’re paying me, but they are not. I recently tasted samples of Giovanni Rana’s product line and let me tell you, this stuff is damn good.

1x1.trans Giovanni may be better than homemadeWhen I posted about how much I was loving their products to my Facebook page, a friend from Italy wrote back raving about how much he loved this stuff when he lived in Italy. Soon after, others chimed in with similar comments.

1x1.trans Giovanni may be better than homemadeWhy is it so good. This is probably the freshest pasta I’ve had in ages. It also takes merely minutes (about 4 minutes) to prepare, so it is uber convenient. The cheeses in the raviolis are incredibly fresh and high quality. On top of that, there are sauces from the same company that are delish. For example, their Bolognese does not have that overly sweet flavor. The sauce is elegant and sophisticated. I don’t think I’ll be using anything but Giovanni Rana for quite a while.

I decided to look into their company a bit, since I was unfamiliar with them. Turns out they have been around for over 50 years. Mr. Giovanni Rana was born October 15 of 1937 (happy belated), and was working in his brother’s bakery by 1950, learning the basics behind bread making. By 1959, he was making pasta in the way he had learned from local women and would deliver them to households on his own. In the 60′s he had grown enough to open his own company.  From there, he grew and grew, and in 2012, Giovanni Rana opened up their first factory in the US.

I’ve tried the Tortelloni Prosciutto, Ravioli Cheese Forte, and the basil pesto sauce as well as the Bolognese. They taste so much like Italy, that they made me home sick. Pick some up, open up a bottle of Chianti and have yourself an Italian escapade. I think you’ll love it.

Better yet, if like me you are lucky enough to live in the NY area, you can try out their pastas at the new Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina in Chelsea Market. It’s kinda awesome. I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina is located at 75 9th Avenue in the Chelsea Market in NYC. 

Hours of Operation

Takeaway : 11am – 9pm | Restaurant & Store: 11am – 11pm (Mon-Sat) 11am-10pm (Sun) Brunch: 11am – 5pm (Sat&Sun)

***Also make sure to inquire about their pasta making classes

1x1.trans Giovanni may be better than homemade
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1x1.trans Giovanni may be better than homemade
1x1.trans Giovanni may be better than homemade

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