German Riesling Sees Daylight

1x1.trans German Riesling Sees DaylightGermany has been producing a lot of wine styles that range from the sweet to semi-sweet ones, dry, red wines, rose wines, and sparkling wines. Despite producing world class wines, it has maintained its name in mass production and selling inexpensive wines internationally. Of all of the wines that are produced from Germany, Riesling is the most popular variety. If you have the palate for young and fruity flavors or the appetite for petrol-like aromas of a grape’s matured qualities, then the Riesling grape might be the one you are looking for.

Riesling seems to keep a long, deep origin and history. It is said to be native to the Rhine Region in Germany where it grows abundantly even in its neighboring areas. But one thing’s for sure – it is undeniably of German roots. Though other wine regions have been producing their own batches of Riesling, wines of this variety that are produced in Germany have carved their names in the industry, outstanding quality with rich fruity flavors and balanced acidity. German Riesling wines are also growing to be popular in the food versatility department, adding to its high quality features.

1x1.trans German Riesling Sees DaylightThe northern part of Germany has proven to have a perfect terroir to grow the Riesling grapes. The region’s mild weather contributes to the distinctiveness of Riesling’s quality. With a complete sun exposure, wind shelter, and close contact with water resources have been effortlessly helping the grapes to grow in perfect shape, giving them time to develop and even at a young age, bring out great wine qualities. Wine connoisseurs and wine lovers all over the world have come to love this German grape variety. It has less alcohol qualities that range from as low as 7% to 11% as compared to the alcohol levels in Riesling that is grown in other countries. Riesling’s wine qualities would also range from being completely dry to having a rich and lusciously sweet flavor. Now, it has become a popular variety all over the world, of which, is paired with different kinds of food.

Most wine lovers have the dilemma of having to choose between the young and matured Riesling wines. Young Rieslings give a really fruity flavor and sweetness to wines. Matured Rieslings have a more edgy tartness to it and are often described to have a petrol-like aroma. But matured Rieslings have a good balance between fruity and acidity, giving it a refreshing twist. The long harvesting season lets the grapes develop their flavors to the highest level. Germany’s mild weather ripens the fruit and keeps the acidity’s freshness and vibrancy.

1x1.trans German Riesling Sees DaylightOne of the distinct characteristics of German Rieslings is a certain quality of versatility when it comes to food pairing. Rieslings are light and fruity in itself, perfectly matching seafoods such as lobster and grilled fish, and have a good match with Chinese and Thai cuisines. Dry Rieslings are best served when chilled while Sweet Rieslings are often found to be best served when warm or having a room temperature.

If you’re one of the many fans of this grape variety, then don’t miss next month’s event. Spend the whole month of July knowing these rather underrated yet very outstanding Riesling wines through “Wines of Germany’s 31 days of German Riesling.” This will happen on July 17 to August 24, 2011. All participating restaurants and retailers are encouraged to endorse German Rieslings using their marketing strategies, whether selling the wine in their restaurants, serving them with food, or hosting a food and wine tasting event. Everyone’s invited for a month-long celebration in honor of the German Riesling. Prost!

1x1.trans German Riesling Sees Daylight
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1x1.trans German Riesling Sees Daylight


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