Foods of Summer: Fruits

1x1.trans Foods of Summer: FruitsI can already smell the summer breeze – the beach, the sand, the food, etc. And of course what better way to have a blast this season than to celebrate with the summer foods we have come to love. Summer foods are fresh, light, and very fruity and flavorful. This is where you get a display of the best summer fruits and vegetables that are bountiful during summer season. Put down your hot-dog thoughts for a brief moment and get your palates ready for a getaway to the market and grocery for the summer fruits you definitely don’t want to miss.

This is the season that the berries are at the pinnacle of their sweetest and juiciest flavors. Berries are widely used during the summer season. People can make cakes, salads, fruits shakes and beverages for a very fruity experience. Pair them together for a classic dessert or mix them with vegetables or turn them into thirst quenchers. The range of the use of strawberry and other berry fruits is seamless.


1x1.trans Foods of Summer: FruitsSummer is strawberry season. They are plentiful during this time of the year. This bright red fruit with dry green caps is not a really a berry, though its intense and fruity flavor is something like that of the berry family. Have a taste of summer with a very fruity strawberry dessert that enigmatically sings the tunes of  “Well, hello summer.”

1x1.trans Foods of Summer: FruitsIt is also during this time of the year that you get the freshest raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry in town. In contrast to how people describe its taste, Raspberries are actually bright red berries that are sweet and subtle. Cranberries are plump and luscious red in color. They are a bit tangy and tarty to taste. Pair it with something that really complements its flavors to bring out a slight twist to its flavor. Blueberries are deep blue berries that are high in vitamin C and full of antioxidants. They give a crisp fruity note, a little tarty but with a sweeter edge to it. Have a blast of fruity goodness with this healthy and nutritious berry salad. Don’t worry, no one got fat by eating a cup of berry topped with yogurt cream.

1x1.trans Foods of Summer: FruitsAvocados are in season. This pear-shaped fruit may come in purply black color with a creamy texture or a smooth, green skin and is very high in protein and oil. Eat them alone and get a complete set of nutrients from a single serving. Avocado is also known for its versatility when it comes to nutrition and food preparation. You can have them as appetizer, addition to your main course, or dessert. But you might wanna buy them while they’re a bit unripe, because they definitely ripen easily. Avocado quesadillas are in this summer. A healthier and easier alternative for a healthy summer treat.


1x1.trans Foods of Summer: FruitsMangoes are probably one of the most in demand fruits throughout the year. This is one great example of a tropical fruit that has reached the iconic fruit market around the world. Mangoes are also versatile when it comes to food preparation. They can be eaten ripe or young. Unripe (young) mangoes are usually green in color, sour in taste but can complement other dishes or can be eaten alone with a dip or nothing. Ripe mangoes are yellow or bright orange in color. In contrast to the green mangoes, ripe mangoes are very sweet and sometimes with a sour taste but is very refreshing to the palate. You can tell if the mangoes are ripe or not through its smell. It goes by the saying, “it smells like it tastes.”

1x1.trans Foods of Summer: FruitsIf you’re up for a refreshing summer cooler, then watermelon is the fruit of the season. Containing 92% of water and only 6% of sugar, it’s a very good source of vitamin C. Have a drink of watermelon juice with a hint of lime for a very freshening feel on this hot summer weather.

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