Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 2

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 2

Part 1

The  promise of Best Frozen Finds in NYC is here. The classic flavors continue to invade NYC from the top fave ice cream parlors. The only difference is these sweet nothings have become neo-classic sweety treats. Here’s the second serving of the sweet delicatessen.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 2Blue Marble. This ice cream parlor in Brooklyn, NY boasts of their yummy ice cream treats made of pure milk products from New York state farmers. While their shops’ focus is on sustainability and use of organic and natural ingredients, they still whip up and serve the creamiest ice cream treats to local fanatics. Freshness at its best, this is what Blue Marble is all about.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 2L’Arte Del Gelato. If you’re up for another Gelato treat, visit L’Arte Del Gelato on the 7th and 9th Avenues in New York. In Italy, Gelato is a part of everyone’s lives, and this is what they’re trying to introduce to the world. Delight yourselves with a scoop or two of L’Arte Del Gelato’s best frozen desserts. Every month, they are up to surprise you with a display of different flavors that are perfect for the weather. Presenting the flavor of the month, Menta Cioccolato or in English, Mint Gelato with Chocolate. They also have our classic favorite flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry with the addition of classic Italian Gelato flavors like Nutella, coffee, tiramisu, and panna cotta. Get a healthier treat with L’Arte Del Gelato’s ice cream offerings.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 2Cones. This ice cream joint not only serves staple ice cream flavors, but introduces South American flavors into our favorite frozen treats. Established and owned by Argentinean brothers, Cones is one of those ice cream parlors that people keep coming back when they’re on Bleeker St. New York, New York. Their ice creams have gelato-like textures with a great selection of South American blends that have been a favorite among locals. People love their Mate (South American tea) flavored ice cream and other favorite flavors include chocolate sorbet, Dulce De Leche, strawberry, and yes a Johnny Walker Gelato if you dare to have scotch on your frozen dessert. Cones or no cones, this ice cream joint will definitely mark on your taste buds.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 2Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream. Get a chance to have a scoop or two of these yellow trucks (not just one) ice cream, roaming around SoHo. They’ve got the simplest to some of the most unusual blend of ice cream flavors. Of course they only use the freshest and organic local ingredients and with their magic wand, they can turn simple treats into creamy and crazy frozen desserts. Some local favorites are their Hazelnut flavor, Earl Grey flavor, a Pumpkin ice cream, and have a scoop of your favorite coffee blend with their espresso flavored ice cream. Goodness is just a scoop away, with Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 2Coolhaus Ice Cream. This ice cream joint is popular to the locals for their delicious ice cream sandwiches. Coolhaus Ice Cream truck in various places in NYC offers a combination of our favorite snacks – ice cream and sandwiches. They try to create frozen desserts from the  organic and natural ingredients possible. What’s also good about this is, all ice cream sandwiches are served in an edible wrapper which is calorie-free and made from  natural ingredients. Their flavors are not only limited with sweets as they try to add in savory blends unto their frozen offerings. They have Balsamic Fig and Mascarpone ice cream, Chocolate Chipotle, Dirty Mint Chip, Nutella Toasted Almond, and crazy flavors like Olive Oil with Rosemary, Sea Salt Caramel, and even Wasabi-flavored ice cream. Get cool treats courtesy of Coolhaus Ice Cream trucks.

Have a cool fun this summer with your favorite frozen delights served by NYC’s best ice cream parlors, stationery or rolling.

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