Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1The all-time favorite that cuts across genre and gender – Ice cream. Whether a scoop for a celebration or just an ordinary walk down the road, ice cream never goes out of style. This favorite frozen dessert is ringing the busy the streets of New York with lots of ice cream parlors built here and there. But if you’re in town, you must have the best, therefore, find these top ice cream havens in NYC.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Even the Chinese dragon will freeze with delight with this ice cream joint’s frozen desserts. Since the late 1970s, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory has been serving yummy ice cream desserts to their loyal customers. They have the favorite ice cream flavors and even homemade ice cream treats that have been the trademark of this ice cream factory in New York. Located in Bayard Street, New York, New York, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory will serve you their staple display of flavors, colors and textures like Lychee (a favorite Chinese fruit), and even ginger, green tea, mint chip and even peanut butter and jelly.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1Grom. Have a taste of authentic Italian Gelato by visiting Grom. This ice cream joint is all about the intensity of flavors rather than being plain sweet. Tracing its roots from Italy, Grom has been a certified international hit, building stores not only in various places in Italy but all over the world. Despite achieving global fame, Grom proudly uses original Italian gelato recipes for all its joints to serve the most authentic gelato without compromising its quality. Never a drab, Grom introduces new flavors every month that will certainly tickle your palates. They have the Chocolate Hazelnut, June’s ricotta & Mandorle, Fragola Limone, and a certified Grom favorite, Crema de Grom.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1Il Laboratorio del Gelato. This ice cream joint opts to introduce the finest ice cream treats to gelato lovers around the world. Il Laboratorio del Gelato in Orchard Street, Lower Manhattan is a laboratory for experimenting and personalizing flavors that are a great addition to the menu. They have over 200 ice cream flavors at this point, but the list keeps on growing as they are adding more and more flavors each season. They take pride in their hand-made ice cream in little batches using organic local ingredients available with regards to quality rather than quantity. Some local favorites are avocado, cheddar cheese, espresso, strawberry, basil, and yes, they have ice cream in wasabi flavor. Unleash the mad scientist in you when you visit Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Get the wildest ice cream toppings from this roving ice cream truck called Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. The idea is to basically do a soft serve topped with the craziest choices in topping history. They serve soft ice cream treats like Toasted Curried Coconut, Dulce de Leche, Chocolate Dip, Nutella Lined Waffle Cone with unusual toppings like Sea salt and Olive oil, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger Syrup, Wasabi Pea Dust and a whole lot more. Experience different kind of adventure through Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’s funky and crazy toppings that will definitely make you crave for more.

1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1Ciao Bella. Get your taste buds ready for another Gelato experience courtesy of Ciao Bella. From the little Italy in New York, this ice cream parlor has expanded throughout various cities in the U.S. while being consistent with their frozen treats. They serve one of the smoothest ice cream treats that melts perfectly in your mouth. Every flavor will surprise your taste buds. While they serve up the staple ice cream flavors like lemon, mango, coconut, and hazelnut, get a hand of their special seasonal treats with the craziest combination for your wacky adventures.

Stay tuned. We’ve got lots more of Best Frozen Finds in NYC…

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1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1
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1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1
1x1.trans Best Frozen Finds in NYC: Part 1

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