Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir Review

1x1.trans Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir ReviewOverall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.2 out of 5 stars

1x1.trans Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir Review

Eddie is getting ready to take the baton from Anthony Bourdain and make us proud. If you’re not familiar with Eddie Huang, you are doing yourself a disservice. This Lawyer-Chef-Author-TV personality is as down to earth and authentic as it gets. His autobiography, Fresh Off The Boat, depicts his struggle as an immigrant (something quite a few members of our staff definitely relate to). Huang finally comes into his element when he encounters Hip Hop culture. Eddie’s no angel, and that’s his charm. This book is honest, entertaining, funny, and a must read for foodies, immigrants, and outcasts alike. Amazon gave it 4 stars, we give it 5.
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“Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir”

Being from the northern plains (fly-over country to those from the coasts), I was not aware of Eddie Huang or his Baohous restaurant prior to reading his memoir. Now I wish I lived closer to New York City so that I could taste a sample of his signature…Read more

“Less About Food, More about Attitude”

Be warned: those who don’t have a background in ghetto talk, 80′s shoes, rappers, or sports may have a difficult time reading this book. I thankfully had friends who liked to listen to rap/hip hop, grew up in the eighties, and am Asian, so I got almost…Read more

1x1.trans Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir Review

“Eddie Huang is proof that anyone can transform their life with hard work.”

Fresh Off The Boat is a memoir about the life of Eddie Huang. He has a passion for food that I admire. I am half Taiwanese, so I understand the Chinese food references that he makes. He describes a dish called Dan Dan noodles that I love. It is a spicy…Read more

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