Assistant DA Files FOIA for White House Beer Recipe

1x1.trans Assistant DA Files FOIA for White House Beer RecipePresident Obama made culinary history with homebrewed White House Honey Ale. The ale was made with a pound of honey from the White House Beehive, and served to guests at a 2011 Super Bowl party.

According to White House Curator Bill Allman, the Obamas are the first presidential couple to ever assign the task of homebrewing beer to their chef staff.

White House chefs began home brewing beer in 2011 and have produced three kinds to date: White House Honey Ale, White House Honey Blonde Ale and White House Honey Porter.

Beer fans are eager to get their hands on the recipe but Mr. Obama has declined to release it. A White House petition was started to force the Obamas to reveal the information.

According to a CBS News affiliate, Jay Carney, White House spokesperson, recently announced on Twitter that the administration will unveil the beer’s recipe if a petition for the request receives 25,000 signatures by September 17.

Thus far, the petition has over 10,000 signatures.

WTVR claims Limestone County Assistant District Attorney Brody Burks, who is also a home brewer, drafted up a Freedom of Information Act request for the recipe.

A picture of the FOIA was placed on Reddit.

The end of the FOIA request reads: “Also, if you could send me a copy autographed by the President, you’d be the coolest FOIA officer in the whole federal government, and who could resist that title?”

Under the Freedom of Information Act, The White House has ten days to at least respond to Burks’ request.

1x1.trans Assistant DA Files FOIA for White House Beer Recipe“I brew my own beer in my backyard. So I figured maybe I could learn a few things from our president,” Burks said.

“My beer is OK, but I would like to try the president’s to see if it’s any better,” Burks told CBS affiliate KWTX.

According to ABC News, the President carries the beer with him on the campaign trail, where he offered a bottle to a potential voter in Iowa.

“It is ice-cold and tasty,” the president said about his preferred White House Honey Ale.

According to the blog Obama Foodorama, Sam Kass, the assistant White House chef, says the porter is “unbelievably good.”

The First Family pays out of their own pocket for the brewing equipment and production.

1x1.trans Assistant DA Files FOIA for White House Beer Recipe
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1x1.trans Assistant DA Files FOIA for White House Beer Recipe


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