Free Foie Bomb Donut on National Donut Day

Psycho Donuts has “donutized” everything from hamburgers, French fries, pizzas, tacos, and even ice cream sandwiches. They offer donuts topped with everything from Oreo cookies and Captain Crunch, to Rice Crispie Treats and Nutella.

1x1.trans Free Foie Bomb Donut on National Donut Day

On Friday, June 7, National Donut Day, Psycho Donuts, owned by Jordan Zweigoron, will offer the world’s first Foie Gras Mousse Donut, dubbed The Foie Bomb, and the donut will be offered for free while supplies last.

The Foie Bomb is a raised donut hole, filled with Foie Mousse. The donut is pierced with a pipette containing Honey, Fig, and Balsamic Gastrique. The Foie Bomb is then topped with crispy fried sage.

Zweigoron claims the Foie Bomb is a collaboration between Psycho Donuts and nationally renowned chef, Charlie Ayers.

Ron Levi, Doctor of Donut Derangement at Psycho Donuts said, “At Psycho Donuts, we’re proving that donuts are a truly versatile culinary delight. We are always pushing the boundaries of where donuts have gone in the past, and leading the zaniest path forward in the donut industry.”

Zweigoron’s mental institution themed donut shop is truly a stroke of Warhol-like genius. The Psycho Donuts experience includes an asylum-themed wait staff, a padded cell, and a stress-relieving square of bubble wrap for each customer. Psycho Donuts also features original local artwork and eclectic merchandise for sale.

Zweigoron says Psycho Donuts has become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured on The Food Network, The Today Show, Fox Business News, Eye on the Bay, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Condé Nast, and many more.

More crazy gourmet donut offerings are The Dead Elvis, filled with custard and topped with bananas, peanut butter & jelly, and bacon; and The Psycho Passionata, filled with organic white chocolate and passion fruit.

Controversy1x1.trans Free Foie Bomb Donut on National Donut Day

In 2009, Psycho Donuts was deluged almost daily by sign-carrying advocates protesting on behalf of the mentally ill. Their aim was to preserve the dignity of the mentally ill, whose collective identities are perceived to be under assault by a zany-themed donut shop.

Among those protesting were Patty Eaton of the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, Councilman Dan Furtado, one of the event organizers, and Brian Miller, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Zweigoron and the store’s supporters argued that the shop’s theme has no malicious intention and that the store is meant to be fun and unusual.


1x1.trans Free Foie Bomb Donut on National Donut Day
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1x1.trans Free Foie Bomb Donut on National Donut Day
1x1.trans Free Foie Bomb Donut on National Donut Day

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