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eating dinner15 On Food and Television Monday’s up to day. We’d better stretch and welcome the new day of the week. Well, that is, if we’re in the mood for it. But that shouldn’t be the case. Why don’t we look for something exciting to do? After all, there are plenty of things to do. For example, watching some great foodie shows. And you’re in luck, since I’ve got some good shows to recommend.

bourdain On Food and Television Anthony Bourdain: No Reservation (Indonesia) (10 a.m. at the Travel Channel)

See the sights, enjoy the food. That’s what Tony is obviously going to do. He’s going to this vacation paradise to find out exactly why foreigners are crazy over it.

bizarrefoods15 On Food and Television Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: Phuket, Thailand (11 a.m. at the Travel Channel)

We may know Phuket as the best in tropical destinations, but wait until Andrew comes in the picture. He’s going to show us a culture and cuisine that is certainly surprising and out of this world!

guys big bite On Food and Television Guy’s Big Bite: Guy’s Goal Line Grub (3 p.m. at the Food Network)

Thinking of that winning recipe for that winning game? Then let Guy show you how. He’s preparing some amazing dishes that will leave you asking for more (even when half-time’s over).

poster On Food and Television Cake Boss: Pipes, a Phoenix, and a Problematic Kitchen (6 p.m. at the TLC)

Of all the days to make a Phoenix cake. Buddy and his crew took an order for an Irish bar; the only snag is that the ovens are being replaced. Will they make the order in time? Let’s find out.

Bobby Flay Grill It On Food and Television Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Steak (7 p.m. at the Food Network)

It seems like Bobby’s took in too much heat. This time, he’s going to challenge the tough-as-nails steak cook Eric “Captain D” Dominijanni for a steak showdown. Will Bobby prevail, or will this captain and his marines prove themselves supreme in the art of steak.

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