Foodies Dragged Out Of the Kitchen

1x1.trans Foodies Dragged Out Of the KitchenThe term, foodie became a remarkable name for someone who has a splendid love for food, and sometimes, cooking. It’s a great thing to know that foodies are rising in number, but unfortunately, not spending that much time with their beloved kitchens. I wonder why.

We have been used to preparing our own meals at home regularly. But not only that busy schedule hinders our urge to cook homemade meals, but also, some kind of force that pulls us out of the kitchen. As a foodie, I like to explore different types of food and a whole lot of dishes that I could find and try at home. It’s not that I don’t like dining out, I find it some kind of expensive. On the other hand, I treat myself to a luxurious dining experience, once in a while. My love for food allows me to rekindle my relationship with the kitchen, as my mother would often describe it.

1x1.trans Foodies Dragged Out Of the KitchenGrowing in a cook’s home, I find it very entertaining to watch my mom bake cakes, desserts, and different courses, especially on special occasions, although, there were also times when experimented on her own concoctions. It was food entertainment for me, until I met food television. I knew about Julia Child and how phenomenal she was during her era (until now). She was the wonder woman of the kitchen, preparing meals in a live camera broadcast. It became whole new ground for learning, step by step, one is able to follow what is happening in each cooking episode. It allows you to recreate what you have seen on television, that after watching, you head down to your kitchen and prepare something out of what you have seen and learned. It’s the foodie in oneself that actually brings out the cook out in him/her. But it seems that nowadays, foodies are being dragged out of their comfort zones, get stuck in couches, watching cooking shows under pressure.

1x1.trans Foodies Dragged Out Of the KitchenThe kind of reality cooking shows that some networks have been producing presently, are attracting foodies in a way that they stick to watching rather than the actual cooking. The purpose of cooking shows is to entertain while “teaching” people how to create delicious homemade meals for the family. Add to that, cooking shows became a quick stop for celebrity chef wannabes, dying to outsmart each other in competitions and for quick meals out of pre-packaged treats. It has been geared towards mom or parents who are always busy and do not have the time to do actual cooking. And how would you recreate meals with some secret ingredients on them? It is just a ridiculous platform for learning. You only learn how to survive in the kitchen, but not learning how to cook.

1x1.trans Foodies Dragged Out Of the Kitchen

True enough, one cannot be in the kitchen 24/7, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months a year. I’m not saying that when you started being a foodie in the kitchen, you always have to be cooking in the kitchen. We are talking about being a foodie at home and in your own kitchen, without the action. For me, a foodie’s love and passion for food does not revolve in eating alone, it involves every aspect of it. Instead of just drooling over what you have seen on television, why not turn it into reality by doing your own thing – in the kitchen. Don’t be a potato couch. Be the real foodie that you are!


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