Food Truck Gets Into Star Wars

star wars Food Truck Gets Into Star WarsThe food is good, so I heard, in the Grillenium Falcon. Let us just hope that George Lucas does not sue them.

The merry days of food trucks in the country are in full blast. Well, it cannot be helped. After all, food trucks provide millions of hungry Americans a source of quick sustenance in these crazy times. Each has their own way of attracting followers, and there are those who do not mind going over the top when it comes to promotions.

Star Wars Food Truck Food Truck Gets Into Star WarsJust like the Grillenium Falcon, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This sleek, black food truck is outfitted to supply Arkansas natives with grilled cheese sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Imagine having a big bite out of a Ham Solo. The delicious smoky goodness of ham is simply out of this world. How about sinking your teeth in some Cheebacka? Three slices of cheese, a generous spread of garlic cilantro, pulled pork, and bacon is a recipe for foodie haven. They also have BBQ chicken X-wings and a Skywalker ranch dip for those looking for a different treat.

In my case, I’ll take any on display, as long as they come with Leia’s Buns (pun intended).

1x1.trans Food Truck Gets Into Star Wars

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1x1.trans Food Truck Gets Into Star Wars

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