Encouraging Cooperation For A Healthier Food Business

1x1.trans Encouraging Cooperation For A Healthier Food Business

Do you have an uncanny ability to seek out health violations in any establishment, from 5-star restaurants to greasy spoons? Have you inspected some of the dirtiest restaurants in America – and lived to tell the tale? Do you consider yourself the Sheriff of Food Safety in your community?”

We all have our opinions about a certain restaurant, diner, or any food store about anything – menus or food entrees, staff, among others. If you’ve reached the point of ranting about these things but no improvement was made from the restaurant management, then this is probably the show for you. Left Field Productions is launching a new television show that talks about a restaurant’s ability to provide a clean, healthy, and delicious meal to their customers. They are looking for very keen observers when it comes to food safety details and other related stuff.

1x1.trans Encouraging Cooperation For A Healthier Food BusinessHealth is a primary issue and it takes more than just a keen observer to do the job. This is a call for the professional health inspectors and food safety consultants – basically professionals in this field of work – are needed to be able to create unbiased reviews on all perspectives of the story, including behind-the-scenes and well-hidden secrets  that most customers are not aware of, manage some solutions to avoid risking lives of many foodies and restaurant patrons. Do the people a favor and help them recognize what is safe and what is not when it comes to dining and food safety.

The brainchild of Left Field Productions is to encourage restaurateurs, food entrepreneurs and food markets to be more wary about serving the health needs of their customers than just serving their signature dishes without reference to food safety and nutrition. The cooperation between food safety professionals and health inspectors and restaurant operators is a must. This brings together different professional views on the food industry and put them together in one dynamic show. Left Field Productions will soon roll the spotlights on errants and offenders to correct them. Watch out for the show on cable television. Be in! Be Counted!

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