More Food Movies to Munch on Over the Holidays

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What's This?

Movie marathons do have its place for households who want to get inspired by something —- other than football.  In this season of gratitude and lots of food, pop some popcorn and have a family moment as these movies play on your chosen movie player.

10) Tapas

Tapas is a 2005 Spanish film about a tapas bar in a suburban neighborhood in Barcelona.  As a favorite stop in the community, the bar bears witness to dramas, relationships and secrets, such as the fact that the cook of the delicious tapas in this eatery is actually Chinese.

9) Mystic Pizza

This 1980s romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts takes place in their family-run restaurant, a pizza house called Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut.  It is a story about sisters, family an d the pizza parlor that holds them together.

8) Tortilla Soup

A touching story about a Mexican-American family and its widowed patriarch, a former chef who lost his sense of taste.  Saturday dinners are a way for him to keep his family together, especially with three daughters who are trying to pull away.  It’s like the classi Eat Drink Man Woman but with a different twist.

7) Like Water for Chocolate

The kitchen is Tita’s prison as she lives in a family with strict traditions.  She channels her repressions through her food, especially with the forbidden love she shares with Pedro who was set to marry her older sister.  Lots of drama and sensual cooking.

6) No Reservations

This is the American version of the German food film Mostly Martha starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as a passionate, driven, but impersonal chef.  Aaron Eckhart co-stars to bring some more heat in the kitchen and annoyance to Zeta-Jones’ character.

5) Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Who would ever forget that machine that is supposed to end world hunger?  It’s raining meatballs and all sorts of food in this animated feature; either you’ll get hungrier or stay away from food with the idea of being crushed by a giant corn.

4) Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes is a classic café-film about good food, neighborhood, community and going on a trip back to memory lane.  Will make you wish there are more Whistlestop Cafes these days.

3) The Last Supper

This is a wonderful albeit underrated black comedy about a bunch of twentysomething intellectuals inviting people over for some yummy dinner — or last supper.  Something not for the kids, but this is intellectually simulating.  It will make you think twice about tomatoes and tomato sauce too.

2) Waitress

Set in a small town in a small diner, Waitress is a about the pie-making waitress who goes through different challenges in her life.    With pregnancy, a disappointing marriage, and maybe a new affair, her moods inspire her pie creations which are surprisingly tasty — despite the depression she based it from.

1) Sideways

This critically-acclaimed film is about wine, food, friendship, and going temporarily sideways from your life’s plans.  Set against the California wine region, Sideways will rouse your curiosity for wine tasting and the tendency to never ever drink Merlot.

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