Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?

1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?Change – this is the only thing that is constant in this world, yet people are too dreadful and resistant about it. This is something that is also prevalent in the current food industry. But how does change affect our outlook on food? How far can the food industry go? How much change does it need to be more appealing to the present foodie generation?

One of the major factors that encourages changes in the food industry are advances in science and technology. Such is the evolving of modern cooking methods and food preservation. Science and technology has revolutionized lifestyles and food eating habits. We’ve witnessed the spurt of food additives and other preservatives that make our cooking life easier and improve on the taste of food and appearance. There are food additives that are used as substitutes which are synthetically made, compact in a single pouch, all in one, they say. Adding complexity to this is the fact that television commercials simply imply that these food are as nutritious as the real thing.

A typical example would be the artificial sweeteners that are said to have a lesser effect than the real sugar which are being patronized by health buffs and diabetics.

1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?The production of chemically cloned products like vegetables, fruits, and other foods changed the way our agriculture sector has been since then. More and more companies are venturing into easily available products that are not even naturally grown, meaning they’ve been sprayed with chemicals that helped them develop and easily ripen for an early harvest and production. While these may prove to be very tempting, it may not be too good for the agriculture industry. It has taken a toll in organic farming and natural food production. It can also affect our health in many ways, sooner or later. Expect that should we continue to patronize these kinds of products.

1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?Media and marketing contributed significantly to the changes also in the current trend in our food industry. The visibility of the products and dining places with the most creative style of advertising and commercialism has brought food marketing into a whole new dimension. This has helped a lot of companies, especially those who are selling processed foods, fast foods, and other kinds of products that have been continuously knocking the doors of many foodies around the world, reaching them via media marketing. The impact of this so-called media marketing has consequently influenced the mindset of people about going to places and buying food products that are visible to the public eye. This kind of advertising may not be that bad after all. For some, it’s the way they utilize the resources to be able to sell their products. But the decision remains on the consumer.

1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?Mario Batali, named the rock-star chef of this generation, has brought a change to the food world in a healthy kinda way. Food should always have reference to health and wellness. Chef Mario, has introduced meatless dishes in his restaurants to promote health deliciously and uniquely. By joining the Meatless Monday campaign last year, he as well as other food establishments, including those in schools, are on the move to provide meatless healthier meal options even once a week. Here comes a big change in what has become a very meaty decade for the entire world. The serving of at least a dish of veggie goodness dish will definitely encourage  people to shift into a step by step healthier eating lifestyle.

1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?Chef Daniel Boulud, owner of various popular restaurants which lasted for a decade, also speaks of change as an inevitable thing that contributes to providing better services to their guests. He says when he first came to New York to fulfill his dreams, chefs were not branded the way they are in the present times. Only a few influences were visible on the restaurant’s entrees during that time, but now, he is happy that the industry has changed and grown to present more cooking styles and global dishes to the public. Instead of being threatened by this change, he uses this as a challenge to bring more flavors and twists to his restaurant’s dishes, not only to grow as a chef but also his team to grow and create something new, using old and modern flavors that are not limited to a single culture alone.

Take the cue from the authoritative chefs. They do know when the time to change can make the food community better or worse.

1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?
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1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?
1x1.trans Food Industry: Change for The Better or For Worse?


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