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eating dinner On Food and Television   Suffering from a cold night? Well, why don’t you just go on and stay at home and watch something on TV. It’s a good time, and there are good shows to while away your time. You might find foodie shows to be just the right flavor for you. After all, you can never tell what brilliant idea you can get from watching them. You might discover a way to beat this cold.

manvsfood16 On Food and Television   Man vs. Food: Kansas City (7:30 a.m. at the Travel Channel)

Adam takes us straight to the barbecue capital to the world – Kansas City. Watch him sample the many dishes that the locals there are proud of.

5 ingredient fix1 On Food and Television   5 Ingredient Fix: Underground Russia (9:30 a.m. at the Food Network)

Having problem with your ingredients? Then why don’t you take some advice from Claire’s show, where she takes on some Russian food and simplifies it to only five ingredients.

tylers ultimate show4 On Food and Television   Tyler’s Ultimate: Ultimate Seafood Feast (11 a.m. at the Food Network)

The ultimate seafood meal can be had for all of us. Let Tyler give us a few pointers on how to prepare the best meal around.

Boy Meets Grill1 On Food and Television   Boy Meets Grill: Spicy Fish and Chips (2:30 p.m. at the Food Network)

Bobby is at it again. This time, he’ll be showing us how to prepare a delicious fish and chips meal, with a hot twist, and on live coals. Truly a show to watch.

30 Minute Meals16 On Food and Television   30 Minute Meals: Simple, Spicy, and Satisfying (6:30 p.m. at the Food Network)

Rachel’s got thirty minutes to show us how to make the perfectly satisfying meal. Knowing her, she’ll pull it off just fine.

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