5 Unbelievably Vegan Foods

Living off a strict vegetarian diet is no rocket science to most vegans. But for those who have no 24/7 access to organic produce, they find refuge in processed food.

And that’s one cause of dilemma for most vegans. Understanding food labels on processed goods is similar to detective work, especially now when processed food with lengthy lists of ingredients could easily conceal harmful chemicals and unwanted animal products.

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But it’s a good thing food manufacturers are seeing the growing market of people who make better food choices. Almost every food item in the market now come with their healthier versions, labeled as “low fat,” “low sodium,” and “no added preservatives,” just to name a few.

Moreover, there are also companies who are successful in totally eradicating animal products from their food. But people, most specifically vegans, are having doubts if the companies’ claims are true, since their products are so sinfully good.

Huffington Post has compiled a list of food you won’t believe are vegan. Here are our top 5 picks from their list:

#5 Ritz Crackers

1x1.trans 5 Unbelievably Vegan FoodsThis household staple is famous for its buttery flavor, but surprisingly, it contains no dairy or any animal product.

#4 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

1x1.trans 5 Unbelievably Vegan FoodsTraditionally, butter is used in making crescent rolls, but Pillsbury substituted it with a number of vegetable oils to extend shelf life and bring production cost down.

#3  Kraft Creamy Italian Dressing

1x1.trans 5 Unbelievably Vegan FoodsIt’s one hard to believe fact that this famous salad dressing does not get its creamy consistency from any dairy products. A mixture of naturally-occurring food stabilizers and emulsifiers give this salad topper its body and creaminess that we all so love.

#2  Betty Crocker Bac-Os Bacon Flavor Chips

1x1.trans 5 Unbelievably Vegan FoodsEven how seriously vegan you are, you can’t simply deny how heavenly bacon tastes like. And it’s definitely good news for vegans that Betty Crocker has successfully simulated bacon bits without the use of any meat with their Bac-Os Bacon Flavor Chips. It’s the perfect food topper for that extra crunch!

#1 Oreos

1x1.trans 5 Unbelievably Vegan Foods

The creamy and lick-worthy filling of Oreos has led people to believe that it’s no way fit for a vegan. Incredibly, the filling is not cream at all, but a mix of soy and vegetable oils.

The cookie does not contain any dairy as well. The buttery note we taste are simply flour, sugar, and vegetable oils.


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1x1.trans 5 Unbelievably Vegan Foods

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1x1.trans 5 Unbelievably Vegan Foods



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